Stay Fit and Get Rewarded!

It's not just about the promises made, what matters is the ones that are kept. We at ICICI Lombard know that keeping promises is difficult but we do it regardless of the difficulties or the consequences. We believe our customers live the same ethos, especially when it comes to their health promises to their loved ones. That’s why we now provide wellness benefits in our health insurance offering. Now get rewarded for your healthy behavior by earning points through various wellness activities with our wellness program. The program intends to promote, incentivize and reward you for your healthy behavior by helping you earn wellness points through wellness activities which can be later redeemed as per redemption terms & conditions. So reward yourself with wellness points for staying on track and keeping your promises.

What our Wellness Program entails


Risk Assessment – Medical, Preventive and Online Health Risk Assessment


Active participation in marathons, cyclothons, swimathons and other such professional sporting events.


Gym, yoga or aerobics membership for at least one year


Quitting tobacco abuse, usually not triggered by the recommendation of a medical practitioner

Complete Health Insurance

Gift your loved ones the gift of good health with a plan that best caters to yours and your family’s health needs. Choose Complete Health Insurance as your shield against health worries to ensure a worry free future.

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Health Booster

Secure yourself from surging medical costs and unexpected health issues with the Health Booster Policy. The Health Booster Policy is a super top-up plan that extends your coverage for illnesses and expenses not covered by your base plan or top-ups.

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Kamlesh Kumari

Hi, I would like to thank ICICI Lombard and their health team for proper guidance and support towards selecting a mediclaim insurance policy for my family. They were really helpful in every aspect. They made sure I understood all the inclusions, benefits and exclusions. What I really liked is the entire explanation of the claim process. To understand the claim process is an important part of purchasing a policy. Happy to be associated with ICICI Lombard.


Karthik J.

I was browsing the web for a comprehensive health insurance plan for my family and I came across Lombard’s Complete Health Policy. Their team was kind enough to explain me all details and take care of my questions. One thing I noticed is that the policy offers benefits if you follow a wellness program. It is good to see that a company such as ICICI Lombard giving wellness programs the importance it deserves.


Aneesh Bhatnagar

The team has been patient with my queries and helped in resolving concerns around buying health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. They are knowledgable and highlighted all benefits and exclusions which helped me in taking a decision on buying policy. Their transparency and knowledge is one of the factors I chose ICICI Lombard. The other factor being the wellness program benefits. This feature is very unique and offers good benefits for being part of a keep fit program. Thanks.



Kicking the Butt: Quit Smoking

It is estimated that about 10 million people will die each year by 2020 In India due to smoking. Presently, about 5 million people die due to the direct consequences of smoking while about 600,000 are affected due to second hand exposure to smoke.

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Bend it with Yoga

In our present fast-paced life, most of us do not have time for ourselves. Physical and psychological stress overwhelms us and we hardly have any control over these. For this self deprecation, yoga comes to our rescue. While yoga has been around for a long time, it has gathered momentum only over the last few years.

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Wellness Programs ensure your well-being

In today’s times, when critical illnesses and medical inflation are on the rise, a wellness program comes as a relief for policyholders. It features multiple incentives and rewards you for staying fit by allocation of wellness points. Read on to understand wellness programs and their benefits.

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