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Points To Consider While Renewing Motor Insurance

Jan 15, 2015

Purchasing a vehicle is like getting married. In both cases, maintenance plays a crucial role. And just when you thought that you have taken care of everything, something can go wrong and spoil all the fun. In a marriage you can always say the golden word 'sorry' and get out of tricky situations but not with your vehicle.

stuart story

Stuart's Story

Stuart was zooming around in his bike to college and thinking about the baffling quadratic equations he had studied for his final year advanced mathematics exam that day. In his eagerness to reach the venue, he jumped a signal and a traffic policeman appeared in front of him like a wizard. As is the norm, the policeman asked for his driver's license and the bike's insurance papers. Stuart was confident that he had the relevant documents and presented them promptly.

Little did he know that he had missed his vehicle insurance renewal date. Not only did he have to pay a hefty fine but also undergo a lot of stress considering the ongoing examination, monetary loss and the delay in insurance.

Moral: Timely motor insurance renewal is essential for a stress-free riding experience.

Periodic maintenance of your beloved vehicle is vital and so is motor insurance renewal. Go through the following points to ensure that your motor insurance renewal process is timely and foolproof:

'Take Cover', Says the Law

Third party legal liability protection is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Hence, apart from your own safety, it is wise to renew your insurance policy to be on the right side of the law. Failing to do so may lead to a hefty penalty.

Get Reminded

Documents to be kept handy during renewal

  • Copy of RC (Registration Certificate)
  • Your car insurance copy of the immediate previous year

Leading insurance providers offer a renewal reminder facility for your convenience. Activate one by simply filling out an online form comprising of your personal details and the expiry month of your insurance policy. The insurance company will contact you via an email, message or a call, to remind you to renew your motor insurance policy.

Not Just the Premium

Pause.... and give these a thought!
Before renewing your car insurance policy:

  1. Check the extent of personal accident cover. Reassess your financial worth and increase the limit, if required, to be insured against accidental disability or death due to accidents.
  2. Check the accumulated NCB (No Claim Bonus) and provide the correct details.
  3. Cross-check details (car name, model, year of manufacture etc.)
  4. Get discount in premium by:
  5. Increasing voluntary deductible
  6. Providing details of any ARAI approved anti-theft device recently installed
  7. Declaring your profession if you are a Govt. employee/doctor/ defense employee
Declaring if you are a member of the automobile association

Some insurance companies may charge a higher premium for renewal based on your claims history. You also have the option to switch insurance providers at the time of renewal. Before switching, make sure that you compare policies keeping all aspects in mind like the financial health of the company, claim settlement ratio, customer relationship, add-ons etc. and not just the premium rates.

Time for a Review

Nearing the completion of a term is the right time to review your insurance policy. Assess your requirements to judge whether you wish to opt for the same cover or strengthen it with add-ons like Roadside Assistance, No Claim Bonus Protect, Zero Depreciation, etc. You may also extend the coverage to include non-electrical/electrical accessories, if not already insured.


You can renew your motor insurance policy online by following an easy procedure. Stay away from endless documentation and filling long forms, by visiting your insurer's website and clicking on the policy renewal button. Fill in your policy number, make online payment and your motor insurance policy is renewed!

Don't panic, if you have accidentally skipped the renewal date. In such a situation, the company's authorized surveyor will inspect your vehicle. You can renew your vehicle insurance policy once the officer has conducted a satisfactory inspection and submitted the documents to the insurance company.

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