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Cyber Security Insurance Policy

Why is cyber insurance important?

We live in a world that’s becoming more digitally dependent. Right from our social interactions to professional interchanges and financial transactions, most take place digitally. While digital resources are enabling, they also leave us vulnerable to cyber criminals as a lot of information regarding our personal and professional lives rests in the digital domain. Cyber insurance or cyber security insurance provides coverage from activities such as identity theft, unauthorized transactions, and more.

Why buy ICICI Lombard cyber insurance?

360o Coverage

Our cyber insurance is a comprehensive, indemnity based cybersecurity plan that covers risks such as financial losses and data breach. The plan covers you, your spouse and your children.

Mental wellbeing included

This cyber insurance plan also covers psychologist visit and consultation if required in case of post-traumatic stress.

Pocket friendly

The cyber security insurance can be customized as per your budget and risk exposure. The plan covers you, your spouse and your children.

24x7 Claims assistance

You’ll have access to round the clock claim assistance to ensure you experience hassle-free claim settlement.

Zero waiting period

Your cyber insurance coverage will begin immediately after you buy the plan. The policy will be valid for a year.

All devices covered

The cyber liability insurance coverage extends to all digital devices you own and use to carry out various transactions.

What’s included and what’s not?

  • inclusions
  • exclusions
  • Identity theft

    Losses incurred due to the identity theft including lost wages. Also covers the following Costs related to refiling of rejected loan applications, various credit programmes if the lender rejected the previous filing due to incorrect information. Expenses related to notarising affidavits and other similar documents for law enforcement agencies and financial organisations. Telephone calls and postage required to correct records related to your identity. Up to six credit records from verified credit agencies. Cost of re-issuance of identity documents post the theft.
  • Cyber extortion

    Covers costs for data restoration and forensics, money paid to end/prevent a threat, and the cost of IT security consultants hired by you to manage the threat.
  • Malware intrusion

    Covers cost of data restoration and any lost wages due to corruption, loss or damage to data.
  • Legal expenses

    Reasonable fees/expenses that you may incur for initial consultation with a lawyer, pursuing or defending a legal action against or by a third party. Also covers costs involved in removing any false criminal or civil charges made against you.
  • Unauthorised transactions

    Covers any direct financial loss resulting from a transaction not made/authorized by you. The incident has to be reported to us and the police within 72 hours of it taking place.
  • Data restoration costs

    Covers costs and expenses for up to 30 days for any data restoration required due to cyber extortion, threat or introduction of malware into your computer system.
  • Reputational injury

    Includes publication that harms your reputation and results in loss of wages for you. Covers expenses involved in hiring an IT specialist to remove such publication. Also covers fess for psychologist consultation, if required. You must report the incidence to us and the police within 24 of discovering the publication.
  • Forensic expenses

    Covers the costs incurred, for up to 30 days, for hiring a digital forensic expert to help in resolving incidents such as cyber extortion and cyberbullying.
  • Cyberbullying

    Includes harassment, character defamation, intimidation, invasion of privacy, Covers fees for face-to-face consultation with psychologist, rest and recuperation expenses and cost for temporary relocation, if needed.
  • Consequential losses

    Covers any penalty that you may have to pay to a bank or any financial organisation for not maintaining the minimum required balance in your bank account or missing an EMI payment on a loan.
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  • Lack of precautionary measures on your part to safeguard information related to your bank accounts, credit or debit cards, mobile wallets and internet connections.
  • Consequential loss or damage including any loss suffered by a Third Party.
  • Physical injury, disease, disability, sickness or death.
  • Any matter that’s uninsurable under the law.
  • Participation, direction or knowledge of any dishonest, criminal or malicious activity.
  • Theft, loss in value, disappearance, inaccessibility of any crypto currency.
  • Knowledge of any facts or circumstances that could be the basis of a claim.
  • Any damage or destruction to any tangible property and losses associated with the same.
  • Any legal proceedings that started before the commencement of the policy.
  • Inherent product defect/wear and tear and losses owing to the same
  • Business activities such as e-trading, blogging, etc., from which you earn money.
  • Dealing in or purchase of securities, commodities, sovereign fund, derivatives, federal fund, currencies, foreign exchange.
  • Unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance.
  • Distribution of unsolicited correspondence or communication.
  • Any loss or damage caused by a government order.
  • War, terrorism, looting and Government acts.
  • Actual or alleged plagiarism or breach of any trade secrets, registered patents, trademarks, trade names, copyrights, licenses, or any other intellectual property.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who can buy this policy?

Any individual person above 18 years of age: Every such individual is prone to online threats. Hence, buying a cyber insurance policy can safeguard against online frauds. The policy can be bought by anyone who is 18 years and above and can be bought for family members.

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance provides cover against loss due to cyber frauds. The increase in penetration of internet among Indian population has brought increase in amount of personal data being generated, transmitted and stored on various devices. With Cyber Insurance, one can protect self and family members against financial risks due to Identity theft, Unauthorized Online Transactions, Cyber bullying, Cyber extortion.

What is policy period?

12 months

What are coverage options available in retail cyber policy?

The product provides protection for various potential exposures that the Insured and his/her family is exposed to like identity theft, unauthorised transactions, cyber bullying, cyber extortion and malware intrusion. The policy indemnifies the insured for legal expenses, data restoration cost, forensic cost arising in relation to an event.

I have become a victim of email phishing. Will I be covered?

We will cover you for unauthorized transactions which also includes email spoofing and phishing.


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