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Anywhere Cashless Making Customer Journey Seamless and Flexible Shailesh Dubey Vice President Health Claims & Provider Management

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IL Café


Shailesh Dubey,

Vice President Health Claims & Provider Management


Anywhere Cashless Making Customer Journey Seamless and Flexible

IL Café Podcast on World Heart Day

30 January 2024

IL Café


Pankaj Shrivastava,

Head – Motor agency/ Broking, Affinity, Travel, ART & Digital POS

Pankaj Shrivastava_thmb

International Travel Insurance Policy - Who Needs it & When to buy

Make travel easy with ICICI Lombard's International Travel Insurance Policy

01 November 2023

IL Café


Dr. Akash Sharma,

Deputy Vice President, H&A – IL Take Care

Dr_Akash Sharma_thmb_154x248

World Heart Day Special - An insightful on CPR ft. IL TakeCare App

IL Café Podcast on World Heart Day

22 September 2023

IL Café


Vasundhara Bhonsle,

Chief - Customer Support and Operations

VB 154x248

Building Digital Journey to Enhance Customer Centricity

Customer-centric innovation is at the heart of all successful business organizations, because a happy, satisfied customer is the best brand ambassador! ICICI Lombard strives to ensure our customers always receive the very best support and service. In this episode of IL Café, Vasundhara Bhonsle, Chief - Customer Support at ICICI Lombard, explains how the company’s customer-first philosophy has been a driver of world-class innovations- from the industry-leading IL Take Care app to the AI-powered chatbot- which are geared towards offering personalized solutions that create a seamless insurance process.

22 June 2023

IL Café


Mr. Sanjay Datta,

Chief - Underwriting, Reinsurance & Claims, Actuarial

Sanjay Dutta_154x248

Insurance, Underwriting & Claims In The New Age World

In today’s podcast, we’re looking at the changes in policy, in ICICI Lombard as well as in the wider insurance industry, that are geared towards making the customer’s experience seamless and productive, especially with regard to that all-important aspect - claim settlement.

03 October 2022

IL Café


Gopal Balachandran,



How ESG is shaping the Insurers’ Strategy & Business Model

ESG efforts have certainly become a significant differentiator for Responsible enterprises. ICICI Lombard, clearly a marquee brand in India, the second largest general insurance company in India for FY 2022, and also pioneer of SOS, has also demonstrated leadership in the adoption of ESG as part of its growth strategy.

11 October 2022

IL Café


Girish Nayak,

Chief – Customer Service, Technology & Operation


Technology drives innovation in the Insurance industry

The Indian insurance business is undergoing massive digital revolution. Newer digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are and will continue to play an important role in...

28 July 2022

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