What is it?

Our ‘Pay How You Use’ is our telematics based car insurance plan for which the premium is calculated on how you use. It’s available to those of our existing customers who already have a telematics based car insurance plan. Unlike other plans, your premium for ‘Pay How You Use’ is calculated based on your driving behaviour. The better and safer you use the lesser you pay!

Why you’re going to love it?

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    Low premiums based on how you use.

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    Customisable coverage options.

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    You receive a weekly summary of your driving behaviour, along with tips to improve your driving score. The better you score, the more you save on your premium.

How does it work?

  • You can opt for this insurance type, at the time of renewal, if you already have ICICI Lombard’s telematics based car insurance.
  • You have to pay your premium on a quarterly basis which will be based on your driving score.
  • Your driving score is based on ICICI Lombard’s algorithm and the inputs from your telematics device.
Disclaimer: Pay How You Use (PHYU) (Sandbox application no.175) is offered as an experiment under the Regulatory Sandbox proposal valid from 1st February 2020 to 31st January 2021