Bharti AXA General Insurance is now part of ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

Bharti AXA General Insurance is now part of ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

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Get answers to most frequently asked questions

What is co-payment in health insurance?

Co-pay in health insurance is a clause, wherein the insured agrees to bear a specific portion of the incurred medical expenses. It is usually a fixed percentage of the claim amount, which the policyholder pays at the time of a claim.

Why do people choose co-pay in health insurance?

Opting for co-pay health insurance helps the policyholders to reduce their premium outgo for the policy. Even though they might have to bear a portion of the claim amount themselves, co-pay in health insurance can prove beneficial in the long run by significantly lowering the premium amount.

How do I know my co-payment liability at the time of claim settlement?

To know your co-payment liability at the time of claim settlement, you can refer to your policy document. It contains all the details regarding the policy's co-payment clause, including the percentage at which it is levied, whether you're required to pay it or not, etc.

Is co-pay levied on cashless hospitalisation?

Policyholders are generally not required to pay anything upfront while availing treatment at a network hospital. At the time of discharge, the policyholder has to pay for his/her share of the expenses as specified in the co-pay clause, along with the non-payables' cost.

Are the policies with co-pay clauses cheaper?

Yes. The health insurance policies with co-pay clauses are cheaper as it reduces the financial liability of the insurer. Also, the claim amount is divided between the insurance company and the policyholder, which results in reduced premiums.

Should I take a policy with co-pay?

Before opting for a co-payment health insurance policy, you must consider various factors such as your current financial situation and health conditions. You must ensure that you have adequate finances to pay your share of healthcare expenses before buying the policy. Also, if you're healthy and maintain an active lifestyle, opting for a health insurance policy with a co-pay clause could turn out to be beneficial for you. On the other hand, if you're susceptible to illnesses, we recommend going for a health plan without the co-pay clause.

Where can I get the policy copy?

You can access your motor or health policy copy by downloading our IL TakeCare App using the below link Alternatively you can also WhatsApp us on 7738282666 using keyword Download Policy or click on the link below

How do I make changes in the existing policy?

You can use our self care option for making changes in your Retail (motor or health) policy by sending us an WhatsApp on <> using keyword Change your policy details or click on the link below Alternatively you can also use our MYRA bot by click on the link below

How do I renew my health or motor policy?

You can use our self care option for renewing your existing Retail ICICI lombard (motor or health) policy by sending us an WhatsApp on 7738282666 using keyword Renew my existing policy or click on the link below Alternatively you also download my IL Takecare App using below link for renewing existing policies

What is the process for health claim?

In case of a planned hospitalisation or emergency services, use your Health ID Card at any of our network hospitals and avail cashless service. Download our IL TakeCare app and access the claim section to know more or you may call your service provider helpline number printed on your health cashless claim card for assistance.


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