Motor Floater Policy: One Insurance For Multiple Vehicles
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What is a Motor Floater add-on?

Our Motor Floater add-on allows you to insure your two-wheelers and private cars under one policy so that you can have just one renewal date after 12 months

Why should you choose a Motor Floater policy?

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    One set of insurance policy document to keep track of

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    Take the stress out of shopping for multiple policies each year

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    Pool family member's vehicles in a single polic

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    Set individual sub-limits/IDV for each vehicle in the policy

How does it work?

  • The total premium is calculated by applying the appropriate rate against the individual Sum Insured.
  • With every claim, the total Sum Insured of the policy reduces.
  • Total SI is the sum of all individual vehicle IDVs.
  • The sub-limit of each insured vehicle depends on individual IDV.
  • The policy start date for vehicles is defined separately, as per the expiry of existing OD cover.
  • Midterm inclusion of vehicles can be done by paying a pro-rata premium for that individual vehicle.

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