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Insurance Article

These Everyday Habits Are Damaging Your Kidneys

March 26 2020

Smoking, consuming too many sweets, and not eating right can harm your kidneys.

say no to extra salt, say yes to healthy kidneys
If your #wellnessgoals2020 included glowing skin, clean eating and a healthier you, here's one organ you should be paying careful attention. Kidneys are an essential body organ which absorbs minerals and nutrients, act as filters for toxins and maintain healthy acid to alkaline ratio. However, there are certain habits which can damage them, leading to various ailments in the process.


Smoking not only increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases but also narrows the blood vessels present in the kidneys, causing arteriosclerosis in the renal arteries.

A habit which damages arterial branches, smoking also reduces blood flow in the kidneys and expedites loss of kidney function. Therefore, to protect your organs, it's in your interest to quit smoking at the earliest.

Not urinating enough

This is another habit which is significantly bad for kidney health. If you don't urinate enough, the body and the kidneys retain all the toxins meant to be flushed out.

Over time this could lead to the formation of Lifestyle changes to keep kidney stones away that are quite painful. Also, it could result in developing of urinary incontinence, a condition which leads to leaking urine during coughing or sneezing.

Not drinking enough water

For the kidneys to properly function, they need to remain hydrated. This is possible only when you drink enough water. Lack of adequate water in the system leads to toxins getting accumulated in the blood. An easy way to find out if you are drinking enough water or not is to check your urine. If your urine is dark, it means the water intake is insufficient.

Consuming too many sweets

It's hard to resist the temptation for sweets, but eating too many of them too often can damage your kidneys. As per a study, consuming a lot of sweets could lead to a rise in the levels of uric acid, leading to cardiorenal diseases in the long run. If you have diabetes, consuming sweets can worsen the problem. Therefore, make sure to consume food that is low on sugar. For packaged foods, read the label before consumption.

Too much salt intake

This is another habit which can have a detrimental effect on your kidneys. Several people have the habit of adding extra salt to their food while eating. Consuming too much salt can raise blood pressure and may even lead to kidney stones. Hence, make sure to limit your daily salt intake for better kidney health. If you are an adult, you shouldn't consume more than 1 teaspoon of salt in a day.

Skipping exercise

Regular exercise not only keeps your body in top shape but also has a positive impact on your kidneys. Exercise keeps your blood pressure and diabetes in check, and weight loss positively affects renal function.

Therefore, make sure to take some time out of your schedule and exercise regularly to maintain healthy body weight.

Swallowing painkillers often

Most people, even in the slightest of pain, consume painkillers. While they do help to subside the pain, taking these pills frequently can adversely affect the kidneys. Consuming painkillers, known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), often can make the body hold onto fluids, and this can damage kidneys in the long run. Before consuming them, it's essential to check with your doctor first.

Not eating right

To keep your kidneys healthy, plan your meals properly. Note that eating healthy always doesn't necessarily mean that you are eating right. If your kidneys are strained, then it's essential to avoid food that is high on phosphorus such as tomatoes, phosphorus-rich oatmeal, oranges, fish, meat and colas.

For a healthy kidney diet, consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits like peaches and apples, among others. Also, drinking rice milk can have a good effect on your kidneys.

Heavy alcohol consumption

Kidneys help the body filter out harmful substances, and alcohol is one of them. Therefore, heavy alcohol consumption can put a lot of pressure on your kidneys and can damage them in the long run.

Note that alcohol causes dehydration, and excess levels can cause organs, including kidneys, to get dehydrated affecting their performance. Therefore, for better kidney health, you must keep away from alcohol.

In conclusion

While keeping away from these habits can have a positive impact on your kidneys, in case of an ailment, you must seek medical attention at the earliest. Treating kidney ailments can be pretty expensive, and a health insurance plan can fortify your finances from taking a dip if you need to undergo treatment.

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