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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Ageing brings numerous ailments that are usually very expensive to treat and manage. After 56 to 60 yrs., the body becomes more prone to illnesses and infections. That is why having a health insurance policy is essential for senior citizens.

Our senior citizen health insurance policy – Golden Shield – is a specially curated product that caters to the healthcare needs of individuals aged 56 yrs. and above. Like a regular Mediclaim policy, Golden Shield covers unforeseen medical expenses resulting from hospitalisation, health check-ups, day-care procedures and ambulance usage.

Our Golden shield Policy provides extensive coverage at an affordable premium. Facilities like a high sum insured, annual health check-up, and cashless treatment across a vast hospital network make such a plan reliable.

Why do you need senior citizen health insurance - Golden Shield?

Health care needs usually increase as we age, and regular health insurance often becomes expensive. A senior citizen health insurance plan helps take care of financials during the golden years of a person's life. As senior citizens are at a greater risk of contracting diseases and falling ill, obtaining a quick diagnosis and treatment might make all the difference in recovering from illness.

To qualify for the Golden Shield, you will have to undergo a short pre-medical tele-screening. This screening takes into account your place of residence, age and SI to compute your insurance premium for the plan you pick. The senior citizen insurance plan is specially designed to provide:

  • Affordable medical care

    This health insurance policy covers hospitalisation costs, day care treatments and modern treatments. We also cover the patient’s diagnostic fees, physiotherapy sessions, etc.
  • Coverage for home care

    Sometimes hospitalisation may not be possible; in that case, treatment is taken at home. Our health insurance policy for senior citizens covers the costs of domiciliary hospitalisation and home care treatment, subject to policy terms and limits.
  • Medical consultations and health check-ups

    Senior citizens need to undergo regular medical screenings to detect the possibility of an illness. With this senior citizen health insurance policy, insured persons can avail of a complimentary annual health check-up at any network hospital.
  • Promote and maintain optimal health

    Senior citizens’ health needs may extend beyond the reach of basic insurance policies. Our insurance policy also offers an add-on cover known as Care Management Plus Program. This program provides a dedicated health care professional who assists with fitness, diet and wellbeing concerns. It also covers OPD and pharmacy costs, nursing at home, routine diagnostics and minor procedures. This makes it a must-have product for senior citizens.

Benefits of buying Golden Shield health insurance for senior citizens

Get coverage for sudden hospitalisation, treatment of illnesses, surgeries and more, designed specifically to cater to the medical needs of senior citizens.

Medical coverage for retirees at affordable premiums

Health risks increase as a person's age increases and so does the cost of health insurance policies. By opting for health insurance for senior citizens, the elderly can ensure they're not left uncovered in an unforeseen medical emergency.

High sum insured that will be Reset if needed

You can opt for a senior citizen health insurance plan with a sum insured as high as ₹50 lakh. If for unforeseen events, this amount is exhausted and you need to make another claim, we would reset the sum insured subject to policy terms & conditions.

Coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation expenses

Our health insurance plans offer coverage for medical costs incurred before and after hospitalisation which are related to the hospitalisation, such as diagnostics, consultations and medicines.

Coverage for pre-existing diseases

This policy covers declared pre-existing illnesses after a 24-month waiting period. A health insurance plan for senior citizens with a short waiting period, is ideal.

Cashless treatment facility

If a senior citizen has a health insurance plan, he/she can avail of cashless treatment facilities at any network hospital across the country subject to our agreement with the network hospital.

Provides tax benefits

By procuring a senior citizen health insurance policy, the policyholder can claim a tax benefit of up to 50k (for above 60 years) under section 80D of The Income Tax Act of 1961.

Features of health insurance plans for senior citizens

ICICI Lombard's Golden Shield policy provides extensive coverage to people 56 years & above. Here are the top features:

Reset benefit

Golden Shield allows you to reset 100% of your sum insured (once in the policy term) if you've exhausted it during that term. It means you don't have to worry even if the insured person has to be hospitalised multiple times in a year, resulting in numerous claims.

Coverage for ambulance charges

If the policyholder is required to avail of ambulance services during a medical emergency, our Golden Shield policy will cover the charges for the same. We cover both road ambulance and air ambulance charges under this policy.

Cashless hospitalisation

By purchasing our Golden Shield Policy, you can avail of cashless treatment at more than *network hospitals across the country.

Care Management Program

Avail additional benefits such as:

  • Tele consultations

  • Second consultation for critical illness

  • Diet and Nutrition e-consultation

  • E-Counselling

  • Health Management Program: Care Calls, Goal-based incentive on the outcome of the preventive health check, yoga/meditation sessions and more

Coverage for AYUSH treatments

We also cover in-patient Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, Yoga and Homeopathy treatments under our policy. This is useful for those who prefer alternative treatments.

Free annual health check-up

With ICICI Lombard's Golden Shield policy, the insured person will be entitled to a complimentary yearly health check-up at a network hospital.

What’s included and what’s not?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Hospitalisation

    Expenses occurring due to illness or accidental injuries. It includes room rent, doctor's fees, ICU charges, nurse’s charges, medicines and drug costs.
  • Day care treatments

    Expenses incurred for medical surgeries and procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalisation, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis etc.
  • Modern treatments

    Expenses incurred for modern treatments such as immunotherapy, stem cell therapy, robotic surgeries and balloon sinuplasty
  • Pre & post hospitalisation

    Pre-hospitalisation expenses of up to 30 days & post-hospitalisation expenses of up to 7% of hospitalisation expenses.
  • Donor expenses

    In-patient hospitalisation expenses for an organ donor (if required).
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation & home care treatment

    Costs incurred for domiciliary care, i.e., the insured person's treatment at his/her home as well as home care treatment prescribed by a doctor.
  • AYUSH treatment

    Expenses incurred for AYUSH (Ayurvedic, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathic) treatment at a recognised hospital or institute.
  • Ambulance coverage

    Road ambulance and air ambulance charges for transportation to the nearest hospital.
    Reset Benefit: 100% unlimited reset of Annual Sum insured in a policy year.
    Cumulative Bonus: 10% cumulative bonus of the Annual Sum insured at the end of each policy year for a claim-free year.
  • Optional covers (available at additional premium)

    1. Claim protector
    2. Modification of base co-payment
    3. Voluntary deductible
    4. Care management program
    • Tele consultation(s)
    • Second e-opinion for critical illness
    • Diet and nutrition e-consultation
    • E-counselling
    • Care calls
    • Goal based incentives on outcome of preventive health check-up
    • Participation in yoga/meditation sessions/ completion of targeted steps
    • Medical vault
    • Health assistance (HAT)
    • Ambulance assistance
    • Discounts on services/products
    5. Care management plus program
    • Health care professional
    • Update to family members
    • Out-patient consultations
    • Routine diagnostics and minor procedure cover
    • Pharmacy cover
    • Nursing at home
This list contains major inclusions & exclusions. For the full list, please read our policy document.
  • Although a medical insurance plan covers most of the expenses during a health emergency, there can be times when the insurer denies the claim. Below are some common conditions that are not covered under the policy:

  • Treatment of pre-existing diseases until the waiting period (2 years) is over

  • Expenses incurred for the treatment of self-inflicted injuries

  • Treatment of injuries caused due to a civil war

  • Expenses incurred for cosmetic surgeries

  • Cost of dental treatment unless arising due to an accidental injury

  • Expenses incurred for treating venereal diseases (except HIV/AIDS)

  • Expenses incurred for hospitalisation without the doctor's recommendation

This list contains major inclusions & exclusions. For the full list, please read our policy document.

What to consider while buying senior citizen health insurance policy

Below are some of the things you should consider while buying a health insurance policy for senior citizens:

Sum insured

The sum insured refers to the maximum amount you can claim towards a health insurance policy during a year. Since senior citizens are at a greater risk of catching illnesses and infections, it's better to opt for the policy offering a high sum insured. With ICICI Lombard Golden Shield Policy, you can get coverage of up to ₹50 lakhs.

Maximum entry age

The insured person's maximum entry age is a critical aspect of any senior citizen health insurance policy. Pick a Policy that allows entry at the maximum age and provides coverage for the longest tenure. ICICI Lombard's Golden Shield Policy offers coverage for senior citizens without any restriction on maximum entry age.

Waiting period

The waiting period refers to the initial period when the policyholder cannot make a claim. This is before the coverage for pre-existing illnesses kicks in. A senior citizen can require treatment for a pre-existing ailment at any time; hence, opting for a policy with the least waiting period is a wise idea. Our policy has a minimal waiting period of 24 months.

Network of hospitals

One of the advantages of a health insurance policy for senior citizens is that it offers cashless treatment facility at any network hospital. Hence, opt for our policy which allows access to a broad network of hospitals across India.

How to file a claim under health insurance for senior citizens?

  • Intimate

    You need to intimate us about the hospitalisation through any of the following methods:
    Call 1800 2666 (toll-free)
    Raise a request through IL Take Care app   Download App
  • Verify

    You must furnish the relevant documents to support your claim. You can either upload the documents online on our web portal or visit our nearest branch.
  • Settlement

    We'll appoint a claim settlement officer to settle your claim as per the due procedure.

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Frequently asked questions about health insurance for senior citizens

What is a senior citizen health insurance policy?

Why should you buy health insurance for senior citizens?

We all know that as we grow old, our body becomes weak, and the risk of catching infections and illnesses increases. This fact, coupled with the rising healthcare inflation in our country, means that aged people may incur very high healthcare expenses during the golden years of their lives. And in the absence of a regular income, bearing these costs can become too complicated. That is why buying a health insurance plan for senior citizens is considered a wise move.

What should I look out for in a senior citizen medical insurance policy?

While buying a senior citizen health insurance policy, you first need to consider the sum insured. It should be adequate to meet the high medical costs for the treatment of older people. It would be best if you also looked at the co-pay clause, deductibles and sub-limits. Also check for additional benefits like OPD cover, complementary annual health check-up and network hospitals of the insurer. It would also help if you compare various plans online before choosing one for yourself or your family member.

Do I need to undergo medical screening before purchasing a senior citizen health plan?

It is subject to the underwriting guidelines of the respective company, and it depends upon the insured case. Once you take a quote on our site, we will evaluate your case based on your inputs. We may then suggest a medical check-up, and if all goes well, we will issue a health policy to you.

How is a senior citizen health insurance policy beneficial?

A senior citizen health insurance policy is designed to provide financial security to the elderly against unforeseen medical expenses. Hence, such policies safeguard their hard-earned savings from getting drained due to medical emergencies and even accidents. Additionally, senior citizens' health insurance policies provide certain tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

What is the right time to buy a senior citizen health insurance policy?

You should purchase a senior citizen health insurance policy as soon as you can. As you grow older, you may catch more illnesses which may result in increased premiums.

How to choose the right sum insured?

It would help if you opted for a sum insured which must be adequate to cover all healthcare expenses you or your senior citizen parents may incur during a year. If your parents are already suffering from pre-existing illnesses or if they have a history of medical complications, you should go for a high sum insured, i.e., ₹10 lakhs or more. You should also consider your parents' lifestyle and personal habits while choosing the sum insured for their senior citizen health insurance policy.

How is the premium calculated for senior citizen health insurance?

The premium for a senior citizen health insurance plan is calculated based on the following factors:
  • Age of the insured: As the insured person's age increases, the risk of health issues also increases. Hence, the premium goes up.
  • Pre-existing diseases: If the insured person has no pre-existing conditions when buying the policy, the insurer may ask for a lower premium. Conversely, the premium may become high if the insured person has a pre-existing ailment.
  • Lifestyle: If the insured person is leading a healthy lifestyle, the premium may be lower. On the other hand, habits like smoking, drinking, etc., may increase the premium amount.
  • City of residence: The insurance companies usually ask for a higher premium from those living in metropolitan cities than those belonging to non-metro locations.
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