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Insurance Article

5 Reasons for Purchasing Insurance Online

April 15 2015
Detailed research

Detailed research

You got the power

You got the power

How may I help you?

How may I help you?

Safety first

Safety first

Online is convenient

Online is convenient


If someone gives me an option of choosing between a million dollars and extending the day from 24 hours to 30 hours, I will happily choose more number of hours. During such a crunch situation, I came across an opportunity to purchase insurance online and latched on to it. Purchasing insurance online is time saving, convenient and hassle-free. Do not wait for an insurance agent to secure your future, just surf the net, compare policies and choose the one that suits you."

Unlike Nilima, if you are still looking for reasons to purchase insurance online, here is a list of top reasons to help you out.

Better Research

The Internet gives you the freedom to make an informed decision. There is a plethora of information available on insurance company websites. You can compare policies, select specific add-ons and create a comprehensive insurance cover. You can also browse through user reviews to understand perceptions about a company and its product.

However, it is imperative to consider all angles before purchasing an insurance policy. Choosing a particular policy just because it demands lesser premium is not the best thing to do. Scanning a company's online reputation puts you in a better position to judge its credibility, authenticity and ability to deliver its promise.

No Agent Intervention

No agent intervention means no chance of mis-selling or the need for unnecessary follow up. On several occasions, agents have sold policies that cater to their own good rather than their customers. With online purchasing, the power to choose lies in your hands, thus, there is no question of mis-selling.

The online process also negates the redundant paperwork and endless form filling activity. With no additional commission to account for, the premium rate of your policy can be on the lower side.

Online Assistance

The online insurance purchase process is as easy as ordering food at a restaurant. In both cases, you have all the information in front of you with the applicable charges clearly listed. You can opt for anything you like from the menu and also ask the customer service representative for help.

With a 24x7 helpline and a live chat option, you get your pre-buying or post-buying queries resolved instantly. Complete policy documents are available online for your assistance. You can view and understand all the nitty-gritty's of the policy by going through the policy wordings. The helpdesk will assist you in understanding specific clauses of the policy.

Secure Payment

Once you have finalized the policy and filled up the details, you can complete the transaction by paying online through net banking, debit card, credit card, etc. This transaction is processed through a secure payment gateway and that you receive a quick, hassle-free and instant online policy.


Since you are in control of every stage of your buying process, you can proceed at your convenience. You can also set reminders regarding policy renewals to ensure that you stay secure all the time.


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