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Bharti AXA General Insurance is now part of ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

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Telematics: Transforming how motor insurance works

With unprecedented technological advancements and the advent of autonomous cars, the onus is on the car insurance sector to cope up with the pace of transition.

  • 10 Feb 2020
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The advancements in technology have left no industry untouched. From automobile to aviation, every industry has adopted technology to come up with innovative products to woo their customers. Like other industries, the insurance industry as well has started implementing technological developments in their business operations, making it easier for their customers to access and buy their products.

Talking about the motor insurance sector, it has seen a rapid transformation in recent years. From innovative insurance products to Artificial Intelligence (AI) based premium calculation, technology has impacted this industry in multiple ways. Let's have a look at some of the most significant technological advancements that are revolutionising the motor insurance industry:

Use of telematics for premium calculation

The insurance companies have adopted a concept called 'Usage Based Insurance' where telematics devices are attached to vehicles to monitor the risks associated with it. These telematics devices record the driving patterns of vehicle owners, including the distance travelled by them each day, the average speed at which a vehicle is driven, and how safely it is being driven.

These records are then used to calculate vehicle-specific motor insurance premiums, based on the risk associated with each vehicle. For example, if a car is regularly driven at high speeds on highways, the insurance premium for it will be higher as compared to a vehicle which is being driven at low speeds inside a city.

The adoption of telematics ensures a fair price for car insurance customers as it increases affordability for those who drive less and practice safe driving habits. It also helps insurance providers to accurately determine accident damages and reduce the number of fraudulent claims.

ICICI Lombard is one of the few insurers in India that uses this technology to offer vehicle-specific motor insurance policies. A vehicle owner can choose an insurance plan for his/her vehicle, based on the kilometres that he/she shall be driving in a year. In case the coverage gets exhausted, there is an option to get a top-up.

Installation of dashboard cameras for maximum car security

Insurers have started installing cameras on the dashboard of a car. These cameras can record forward, sideward, and even rearward videos. These recordings can be beneficial and can be used as evidence in case a policyholder gets involved in an accident. It provides insights about the accident to the insurers and helps them to determine the authenticity of a claim.

This will not only help in bringing down the fraudulent claims but also in expediting the claim-settlement process. Not only for four-wheelers, but some insurers are also even providing helmet cameras for two-wheelers to record an accident scene.

Smartphones apps for every insurance-related help

Many insurers in India have introduced their smartphone apps with which a user can get any help related to his/her motor insurance policy within minutes. The apps can be used for multiple purposes, such as to buy or renew the policy, raise a claim, or call for roadside assistance in case the need arises.

Additionally, these apps can be synced with car's dashboard camera so that it can record videos of an accident, record conversations with witnesses and other parties involved in the accident, and capture any relevant document on the scene. Through these apps, the policyholders can also get on a video chat directly with the insurer's representatives and justify their claim.

Use of blockchain technology

Many motor insurance companies in India have started integrating blockchain technology into their existing workflows. This helps other insurance players to access data regarding insured vehicles, including smart card details, owner details, telematic records etc.

This makes it easier for them to identify the claims and verify its authenticity. It also helps the insurers to reduce the time required for the underwriting of claims. They can now easily tap into online databases and check the vehicle owner's data and quickly assess the claim amount to be paid.

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Emergency alerts in case of any accidents

Some prominent insurance providers in India have started installing software devices in vehicles that can automatically alert the two wheeler insurance provider and emergency contacts in case of a severe collision.

In such an instance, an SMS will be sent to the insurance company's helpline desk and the listed emergency contacts, informing them about the location of the vehicle and number of passengers sitting in it at the time of the accident.

To Conclude

Starting from online portals that help policy buyers to compare various offerings from different insurers to the use of telematics that enables the insurers to calculate car insurance premium, we can see how technological advancements have transformed the motor insurance industry.

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