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What is a Power Steering System?

Discover the workings of a power steering system and how it revolutionizes your driving comfort and control—essential knowledge for every car enthusiast.

  • 22 Nov 2023
  • 2 min read

A power steering system is an essential innovation in the automotive industry that makes steering effortless and quick. Power steering uses hydraulic or electric assistance to help the driver turn the steering wheel, in contrast to traditional manual steering systems, which require much physical effort.

This technology has considerably improved driving comfort and safety by requiring less effort to move a car, particularly at low speeds or when parking. In the following section, we will help you understand what is power steering and how it works. So, let us get started right away!

What is Power Steering in Cars?

This technology assists drivers in steering their vehicles more quickly and efficiently. The stages that make up a power steering mechanism are as follows.

  • First Step

The steering column rotates as a result of the driver’s input on the steering wheel.

  • Second Step

The steering column’s motion is subsequently transmitted to the pinion and rack using the universal joint.

  • Third Step

The two gears in the pinion and rack turn the car wheels in the appropriate direction.

Now, let’s look at the three different types of power steering systems.

1. Hydraulic power steering

  • Hydraulic Power Steering employs an engine-driven pump connected to a serpentine belt.
  • This pump pressurizes hydraulic fluid to help with steering.

2. Electric power steering

  • Electric power steering uses electrical energy to help with steering.
  • To improve control, a bi-directional magnet motor fixed to the steering column or gear activates in response to the driver’s input.

3. Electro-hydraulic power steering

  • The hybrid electro-hydraulic power steering system includes elements of both hydraulic and electric steering systems.
  • Its structure is quite like a hydraulic system but employs an electric motor for assistance.

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Now that you have clarity on what is power steering in a car, you would agree that the development of power steering systems has markedly improved the driving experience. These innovations have given drivers greater control, less physical exertion, and better maneuverability.

These innovations have entirely changed how drivers interact with their automobiles, whether through conventional hydraulic systems or more current electric power steering. Modern driving is safer and more fun because of advances in technology that make it easier and more comfortable for drivers to steer their vehicles on the roads.

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