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What is High-Risk Car Insurance?

Discover what high-risk car insurance is, including factors that classify drivers and how to find coverage despite a challenging driving record.

  • 12 Apr 2024
  • 2 min read

Insurers decide insurance premiums according to the risk profiling of car insurance applicants. High-risk car insurance can shoot up premiums, but what is high-risk car insurance, and how do insurance companies measure the risk element?

Let us understand the nuances in the following passages.

High-Risk Car Insurance

Some insurers may consider your insurance application a high-risk insurance case after assessing the following factors;

  • A history of frequent claims can put you in a high-risk zone and inflate your premium amount.
  • Young people (30-35) are less experienced drivers, which may trigger higher premiums.
  • Some locations fall into high-risk zones, given the high incidence of thefts and accidents. Car owners from such areas may need to pay higher premiums for high-risk car insurance.
  • Some insurance companies consider unmarried people high-risk insurance candidates compared to married people who enjoy lower premium car insurance policy. The logic supporting this view is that married people are financially stable and responsible drivers.

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Insurance companies consider these primary factors when categorising car insurance applications under high-risk and low-risk to determine the most suitable premium. Refer to the factors noted above and insure your vehicle now.

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