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Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Been feeling abnormally exhausted off late? Visit the doctor today!

  • 04 Nov 2016
  • 2 min read

7 Common But Risky Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Time to time, we all have our may days where we feel completely drained out, distressed and exhausted. Did you know that common health symptoms pose a greater barrier to your wellness? You can prevent the despair by being aware of potential risks some common symptoms bring with them. Be careful of the following seven risky symptoms that you may be ignoring without much thought:

Heart Beats, Wrong Reasons

If you experience extreme displeasure followed by breathing difficulty, applying pressure or holding your chest tight, you need to see the doctor. This pain can extend across the arm and trigger the tendency of feeling nauseated along with perpetual vomiting and sweating.

This could possibly be the advent of a heart attack. It could also signal a gastrointestinal reflux that implies the retraction of materials from the stomach to the oesophagus, due to poor digestion.

Throbbing Head

Headaches can cause great havoc and ruin your day. Intense headaches can be worse, almost toppling your ability to concentrate. In extreme cases, if you have frequent headaches, it could signal an aneurysm, a burst in your blood vessels, or meningitis.

Unwelcome Weight Loss

Weight Loss is not always healthy. Often this can be a great sign for trouble. Excessive weight loss in a very short time could signal serious diseases such as cancer, endocrine disorders, diabetes, parasite infections, hyperthyroidism or even depression.

Swollen Shocks

A swollen leg because of fluid accumulation may signal heart failure or thyroid inception. If there is pain at the back of the lower leg too, a blood clot could be possible. The most common way to spot irregular blood circulation is the swelling of the legs. Hence, it is extremely necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Painful Stomach Churns

We often ignore stomach aches. Prolonged pain could be potential occurrence of an aortic aneurysm or other discrepancies in the blood flow. Paired up with nausea or vomiting, this could also be a result of gall bladder stones, intestinal swelling, and appendicitis or bowel syndromes.

Tired all the time

Feeling tired is a very natural phenomenon yet sometimes this feeling means caution. Excessive fatigue could be a symptom for uterine or gastrointestinal cancer. You can also feel dreary due to thyroid, anaemia or depression. You should see the doctor when long hours of sleep are powerless in relieving you of stress.

Relentless High Fever

Please seek medical attention for temperature levels above 103 degrees Fahrenheit or if you have fever around 100 degrees for several weeks consistently. This could be due to a urinary tract infection, pneumonia, or inflammation of the heart’s lining. Meningitis, sinusitis, cancer or leukaemia could also be possible critical outcomes.


Medical treatments today demand a great share of your wallet and often we drag ourselves until the last minute of chronicity to seek medical attention. In order to save yourself from the incessant expenditures that are attached to medical treatments, it is always best to have a comprehensive medical health insurance.

ICICI Lombard provides you with the best health insurance policy. We offer different types of health insurance that include exclusive family health insurance plans, maternity insurance, super top up mediclaim policy, with several benefits etc.

Our well-packaged family health insurance plans come with dedicated wellness programs that allows you to use your wellness points against costs not covered in your base plans. Wellness points can be reimbursed against diagnostic tests, OPD expenses, dental treatments, and much more as per policy terms and conditions.  

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