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Is Physiotherapy Covered in Mediclaim?

Comprehensive health insurance plans usually offer coverage for physiotherapy. Know if your mediclaim policy also covers physiotherapy or not.

  • 10 Apr 2023
  • 3 min read

Mediclaim is basically health insurance that covers your medical expenses. It includes costs related to hospitalisation, diagnostic tests, consultation fees, and OPD treatments. Pre-hospitalisation expenses cover costs, such as medical tests like blood tests, urine tests, or X-rays. Post-hospitalisation expenses cover those tests prescribed by the physician to ascertain the recovery or progress of the patient. Not all therapies, like physiotherapy, are covered under post-hospitalisation expenses. Nonetheless, you can claim and obtain coverage for physiotherapy prescribed by the doctor after hospitalisation under post-hospitalisation expenses. The policyholders have the option to claim both pre- and post-hospitalisation expenditures by submitting authentic invoices, pertinent duplicates of the doctor's certification and discharge summary.

Comprehensive health insurance plans usually offer coverage for physiotherapy. It's good to check what your policy covers. The financial strain during medical emergencies is reduced with health insurance or Mediclaim plans, making them an essential component of fundamental financial planning.

Having health insurance or Mediclaim is essential as it covers medical costs during emergencies. These plans include annual health check-ups and day care treatments. It also offers a no-claim bonus (NCB) and domiciliary hospitalisation. It's essential to check the list of inclusions in your policy to get maximum benefits from them. Standard policies may not cover physiotherapy expenses, but you can make a claim if the policy covers OPD expenses. Comprehensive health insurance plans usually offer coverage for physiotherapy, which is beneficial in case of unexpected injuries or medical conditions that require physiotherapy treatment.

Add-on for Covering Physiotherapy Sessions

  • To cover Physiotherapy in your policy, you can also buy add-ons by paying a little extra premium. E.g. ICICI Lombard’s Befit add-on covers several out of hospital medical services which allow you to talk to a general physician, specialist, or super-specialist doctor online or at a clinic or via teleconsultation, 24/7.
  • These add-on usually cover everyday health needs that don't require hospitalisation, including physiotherapy sessions.
  • The benefits of such add-ons include access to medical practitioners through audio, video, online portal, chat, or mobile application, 24/7 e-consultation, and coverage for laboratory tests and minor procedures recommended by the network medical practitioner.
  • You can acquire cashless coverage for medications and medical supplies.
  • You can receive coverage for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of ailments related to bones and joints from physiotherapists within the insurer’s network.
  • When buying add-on covers, you should consider factors such as the scope of coverage, the waiting period, and the additional premium amount.

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