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Need for Patients with Hypertension for Health Insurance

When Arun went to the doctor for his routine check-up, he was quite amused to know that his blood pressure was found higher than normal and he was diagnosed with hypertension.

  • 25 Apr 2018
  • min read

When Arun went to the doctor for his routine check-up, he was quite amused to know that his blood pressure was found higher than normal and he was diagnosed with hypertension. He recognized its high risk factors could lead to cardiovascular diseases and kidney failures, and therefore immediately decided to buy an individual health insurance plan for himself because he knew it can ruin his finances.

High blood pressure or Hypertension is ranked as third most risk factor for attributable diseases in India. Research also shows that overall prevalence of hypertension in the country to be around 30%, with more than 320 lakh people being affected. Although you cannot control contracting the disease amid sedentary lifestyle and work pressure, you can always look to stay protected against hefty medical emergencies that could empty all your savings.

Hypertension Can Prove Fatal

Hypertension can arise due to several reasons and stress tops the list. Modern lifestyle and events from your personal or professional life can give rise to stress which leads to high blood pressure. It can cause many severe health conditions like heart attack, brain haemorrhage, kidney problems, etc. Even a slightly high blood pressure can lead to a stroke.

The rising inflation in medical sector makes it really hard to take care of hefty medical bills for treatment of such diseases. People are also willing to switch to private hospitals in order to get quality treatment but incur very high expenses for doctor’s fees, medicines, diagnostic tests, and hospitalization charges etc.

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A timely purchase of a health insurance plan will safeguard your hard-earned money against these medical expenses or hospital charges along with ensuring timely preventive care and quality treatment. A well-researched health cover plan can help you focus on getting the best medical care instead of worrying about expenses which could deteriorate your health further.

Furthermore, these factors will attract you to buy a health insurance for yourself at the earliest without waiting for the calamity to strike.

  • Waiting Period: Hypertension has a waiting period of 2-4 years like any pre-existing ailments. So, buying a health cover at the earliest is prudent move as it allows one to claim the benefits, when a major hospitalization occurs.
  • Lower Premiums: Buying a health insurance at a young age will ensure that you pay lower premiums for your health coverage. Moreover, the premiums are likely to be less when the ailment is less severe.

Hypertension can be heavy on the wallet, but with health insurance, this effect can be mitigated and you can focus on becoming fit again.

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