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Pre Existing Disease Health Insurance

Discover the importance of health insurance for pre existing conditions. Understand waiting periods, coverage, and considerations before purchasing. Stay informed and protected.

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

Today, when the world is filled with medical issues, keeping good health has become a priority for everyone. Life is unpredictable, and we may face health challenges that require medical attention at any time. These challenges could include ailments or conditions we were already dealing with before obtaining health insurance. This is where the role of mediclaim for pre existing diseases comes in.

Today, we will explore the critical topic of health insurance coverage for pre existing disease.


What Is Health Insurance for Pre Existing Conditions?

By definition, pre existing disease health insurance covers the medical expenses of people with health problems that existed before they applied for the policy. Pre existing conditions are illnesses or diseases the insured person was diagnosed with or treated for for up to 48 months before buying the policy. Some examples of pre existing conditions are diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, thyroid, asthma, etc.

Thus, health insurance that covers pre existing conditions is crucial, as it enables individuals with chronic or enduring health challenges to obtain high-quality medical care while alleviating the financial burden of expensive treatments.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance for Pre Existing Condition

Before buying a pre existing disease cover health insurance, always try to ensure the following parameters:

  • Health insurance companies may have varying definitions of what constitutes a pre existing condition. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully read the policy document and comprehend the terms and conditions of the pre existing condition clause.
  • The waiting period for this condition may range from 2-4 years, depending on the insurer and the plan you choose. Always compare the waiting periods for different plans and insurers before making a choice.
  • When you buy health insurance, you must fill out a proposal form that asks about your personal and medical details. Here, be honest and disclose your pre existing conditions and other relevant health history information. This will help you avoid any rejection or dispute at the time of claim settlement for pre existing disease insurance.
  • You should also check the coverage and exclusions of the health insurance plan you are interested in. Some plans may have sub-limits or co-payments for pre existing conditions, meaning you must bear part of the total cost.
  • Review your pre existing conditions health insurance periodically and update it if there are any changes in your health status or requirements.
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