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Things That Are Not Covered Under Health Insurance

You should be aware of all the inclusions & exclusions before opting for a health insurance policy.

  • 05 Jan 2022
  • 3 min read

Health insurance is an essential in order to ease the financial burden that arises due to a medical emergency, surgery and critical illness. There are many health insurance plans offered by different insurance companies with different add on covers and benefits. You should opt for the policy that best suits your needs and gives you respite in difficult times, such as hospitalization of self or a loved one due to an untimely injury or illness. At the same time, it is important to know the kind of treatments and health conditions your medical insurance plan does not cover. Few of them are:

1. Cosmetic Surgery

A surgery of this kind is not life threatening or dangerous, thus Liposuction, Botox or surgeries of a similar kind are not covered under a health insurance policy.

2. Pre-existing Diseases

Now this varies from one insurance provider to the other. Some insurance providers do not provide cover for high blood pressure and diabetes, while some do. Some insurance companies offer cover for pre-existing diseases if the insured continues with the policy for considerable period of time such as 12 - 48 months. In case of some insurers, payment of additional premium will cover the insured for pre-existing diseases.

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3. Pregnancy and Abortion

Medical treatment expenses for pregnancy and abortion is not covered under health insurance. Even if it is a caesarean section or complication due to pregnancy, insurers do not consider pregnancy as a condition to be included in a health insurance plan. Most of the insurance providers do offer financial protection for abortion unless it is crucial in saving the mother’s life. In such an unfortunate instance, the case should be presented post certification by a medical practitioner to the insurance company. Some companies also provide additional maternity covers. Note that voluntary abortion is not covered under health insurance. 

4. Diagnostics Expenses

Charges incurred to identify the virus or pathological surveillance (blood test, CT Scan) of your body performed at a hospital or a nursing home is not accounted for in a health insurance policy.

5. Miscellaneous Charges

Registration charges, admission fees and service charges are not considered for claim by a medical insurance plan.

6. Health Supplements

Health tonics and protein shakes, which is not consumed by an individual to counter disease is not included under health insurance. However,  if these supplements are recommended by a medial practitioner as part of treatment while the individual is hospitalized, only then it rightfully falls under an  insurance plan.


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