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What is the CCN number in Mediclaim?

CCN, which stands for Claim Communication Number, is a unique identifier a health insurance provider generates for each claim request

  • 06 Apr 2023
  • 2 min read

Medical emergencies are uninvited guests that bring financial woes with them. And to help you avoid the consequences, Mediclaim products on the market are there. Mediclaim is an insurance policy that covers hospitalisation, medical treatments, and other related costs. But did you know that there are several jargons that you must decode when filing a claim for treatment expenses? CCN is one such terminology.

CCN, which stands for Claim Communication Number, is a unique identifier a health insurance provider generates for each claim request submitted by the policyholder. This number serves as an acknowledgement of receipt of the claim request and also allows the policyholder to track the status of his/her claim.

The concept of CCN number kicks in once you submit a duly filled claim form with all the necessary documents, such as medical bills, doctor’s prescriptions, and other related documents. The insurance provider verifies these documents and processes the claim. Once the claim is processed, the CCN number is generated and shared with you via SMS or email.

You cannot overstate the significance of CCN numbers in Mediclaim. In addition to serving as a unique identifier, CCN also helps to streamline the claims process, making it faster and more efficient. With the help of CCN numbers, insurance providers can quickly retrieve the details of the claim request.

Steps to Identify CCN Number

Identifying the CCN number is an important step in the Mediclaim process, as it allows policyholders to track the status of their claims. Here are the steps to identify the CCN number:


  • Check your email or SMS inbox: Insurance providers usually send the CCN number to policyholders via email or SMS once the claim is processed. Check your inbox for any communication from the insurance provider.
  • Check the physical documents: Policyholders can find the CCN number written on the physical copies of the claim documents. Look for the CCN number on the top of the claim form or the reimbursement receipt.
  • Check the insurer’s website: Most insurance providers have an online portal or mobile application that allows policyholders to track the status of their claims. Log in to the portal and enter your policy details to check the status of your claim and find the CCN number.


If you are unable to identify the CCN number, contact the insurance provider’s customer service for assistance.

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