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Benefits Of Mint Leaves

Delve into the myriad benefits of mint leaves, from soothing stomach discomfort to enhancing oral health and much more.

  • 17 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Mint belongs to an aromatic plant mainly known for its fragrance and cooling sensation. In Hindi, mint is also called pudina and is added to foods in fresh or dried forms. Mint leaves are packed with vitamins (A, C, and B complex) and elements like phosphorus, calcium, iron, and manganese. They also have antibacterial properties. In traditional medicine, various health benefits of mint, like digestion support and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, have been reported. Apart from these, other health benefits of mint leaves include oral care, improved brain function, immune boosters, beating stress and depression, weight loss, easing morning sickness, and many more.


What are the benefits of mint leaves?

Mint is a popular herb rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals with plenty of benefits. Here are some mint or pudina benefits that aid a healthy lifestyle:

Relieves indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome: Mint leaves are a good appetiser and have antispasmodic and antibacterial properties. Therefore, mint leaves have the ability to improve digestion and fight infections. Mint oil is also helpful in relieving irritable bowel syndrome. These properties of mint leaves are mainly due to menthol, which can relax the muscles of the digestive tract.

Good for oral care: Mint is used in various types of chewing gum to prevent bad breath. Peppermint tea can mask bad breath and also kill the bacteria responsible for it. Menthol, present in mint, can stop bacterial growth in the oral cavity.

May improve brain functions: Mint leaves work as a tonic for the brain and improve alertness and cognitive functions. A research study discovered that inhaling the aroma of mint oil while driving can make people more awake and less tired.

Immunity booster: Mint leaves contain a variety of antioxidants and vitamins, so they are a good immunity booster. Menthol is a primary compound in many over-the-counter flu treatments.

Also read:

Improves respiratory functions: Menthol present in mint leaves is an excellent decongestant. It is used in many medicines to improve airflow by preventing congestion. Mint is also very effective in reducing asthma symptoms.

Helps in reducing breastfeeding pain: Breastfeeding can cause sore and cracked nipples in mothers, which makes the process of breastfeeding painful. Research studies found that applying mint oil to the breast after feeding helps relieve the pain.

Reduces anxiety, stress and depression: The aroma of mint can be refreshing and rejuvenate the mind. The smell of mint oil makes the mind calm and beats stress and depression.

Skincare: Mint contains antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, and other beneficial compounds that make it a good astringent and amazing cleanser for the skin. Mint leaves also contain vitamin A and salicylic acid, which cure acne and control sebum formation.

There are so many benefits of mint leaves, apart from their great flavour. The addition of mint to your diet or skincare routine can help you stay healthy.

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