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Best Exercises For Droopy Eyelids

Explore a range of exercises specifically designed to potentially enhance muscle tone around the eyes for a firmer appearance.

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Droopy eyelids are a common concern for many individuals. The prominence of this issue has sparked curiosity about the best exercises to help alleviate it. Here, we will delve into the five most effective exercises, providing comprehensive insights and explanations for each. These exercises include cleansing and warming your eyelids, basic muscle stimulation, eye patch workouts, resistance exercises, and Trataka yogic eye exercises.


List of the best exercises for droopy eyelids 

Here are some of the best exercises for droopy eyelids:

  • Cleansing and warming up
  • Basic muscle stimulation
  • Eye patch workout
  • Resistance workout
  • Trataka yogic eye exercise


1. Cleansing and warming up

To begin any exercise routine for droopy eyelids, it is crucial to cleanse and warm up the eyelids properly. This step prepares the muscles around the eyes and ensures optimal blood circulation. Gentle cleansing with a mild cleanser followed by a warm compress can aid in removing any dirt or impurities. The warm compress helps relax the muscles, making them more receptive to subsequent exercises. 

2. Basic muscle stimulation

Engaging in basic muscle stimulation exercises is an essential step towards addressing droopy eyelids. One can stimulate the muscles around the eyes by softly shutting the eyelids and lightly pressing with the fingertips. This exercise encourages blood flow and strengthens the muscles, making them more firm and taut over time, and it is one of the best exercises for droopy eyelids.

3. Eye patch workout

The eye patch workout is another effective method for improving droopy eyelids. Using an eye patch to obstruct vision temporarily can encourage the targeted muscles to work harder. This stimulates muscle activity and promotes a lifting effect on the eyelids. Regular practice of this exercise can yield positive results in reducing the drooping appearance and is thus a great sagging eyelids’ exercise.

4. Resistance workout

The integration of resistance exercises in your routine can significantly contribute to addressing droopy eyelids. Using your fingers as resistance, gently attempt to open your eyes while keeping them closed. The resistance your fingers create enhances muscle engagement, strengthening the eyelids and mitigating sagginess.

5. Trataka yogic eye exercise

Trataka, a yogic eye exercise, provides a holistic approach towards improving droopy eyelids. Find a focal point, such as a candle flame, and focus your gaze on it without blinking. This exercise not only enhances concentration but also stimulates the eye muscles when done diligently. The increased muscle engagement improves the strength and tone of the eyelids, leading to a more youthful appearance.

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Droopy eyelids can be a cosmetic concern that affects one’s self-esteem. However, one can achieve significant improvements with the right exercise routine. If you incorporate the above-listed exercises into your routine, you can regain a more vibrant and youthful appearance, ultimately boosting your confidence. However, if they don’t show any effect or you need medical attention for your drooping eyelids, it’s best to consult an experienced health professional.

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