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Best Exercises For The Upper Body

Elevate your upper body workout with a unique twist! Explore a set of powerful exercises targeting shoulders, chest, and arms. Whether you're a gym regular or a newcomer, embark on this journey to a stronger, fitter upper body, one exercise at a time!

  • 24 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

If you’re a fitness fan, we have a unique offer for you, especially if you are toning your shoulders, chest and arms. Whether you’re looking to refresh your previous workout routines or prepare for a new approach to working out your upper body, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of upper body workouts that go beyond typical exercises. They are excellent for giving your upper body workout a fresh twist. So, whether you are a gym regular or a newcomer, get started with these fantastic exercises and look forward to being healthy!


List of the best exercises for your upper body


With these powerful upper body workouts, you can increase your upper body strength:

  • Chest push-up
  • Chest flies
  • Lat pulls
  • Back extensions
  • Bicep curls


1. Chest push-up

Think about starting on all fours, ready to master the push-up. Walk your hands forward until your back is straight and your hands are spread wider than your shoulder. With bent elbows, lower into a push-up and strive for a calm descent. If you find this complex, you can modify the exercise: walk your hands backwards or try pushing up against a wall. If development seems slow, do not worry. Push-ups are the classic upper body exercise, working the chest, arms and core. Watch as your upper body prowess and strength increase. One push-up at a time, this path reveals a strong, fit version of you.


2. Chest flies

The chest fly exercise is all about sculpting your chest muscles. Lie down, grab some weights (5-8 pounds for women, 8-15 pounds for men), and hold them above your chest with your palms facing in. Keep your core muscles tight and bend your elbows slightly as you lower your arms to the sides, but not too low. Then, lift the weights back up. This move targets your chest and helps define it. Just a few reps of chest flies can make a big difference in your upper body strength and appearance. Get ready to rock that confident chest!


3. Back extensions

To tone the lower back, let us go into back extensions! Lie on your stomach, arms by ears, elbows bent. Engage the lower back, lightly tighten the abs, and lift the chest off the floor. Using your hands for help is fine, but push with your back. Lower your body gently, and retry. For more challenges, put your hands behind your head. Extend your arms forward as your chest lifts. These strength-building exercises for the upper body will benefit your lower back.


4. Bicep curls


Bicep curls are among the best exercises for the upper body in building your arm muscles, so let us discuss these. Stand with your feet hip-width apart when holding weights in front of your thighs. Curl the weights toward your shoulders by engaging your core and bending your elbows. Do not thrust out your elbows; keep them close to your torso. Now, slowly drop the weights while keeping your muscles tight. Repeat to get a worthwhile arm workout. By doing bicep curls, one can frequently handle larger weights!


5. Bent arm lateral raises

It is time to learn about bent arm lateral raises, an excellent exercise for improving your shoulders. Choose lighter dumbbells. Stand hip-width apart, hold dumbbells, palms inward, and arms at 90 degrees. Effortlessly lift arms sideways, keeping your elbows steady. Reach shoulder height, arms parallel to the floor. Lower weights slowly. Strengthen those shoulder muscles for defined shoulders. The best exercises for the upper body precisely target shoulders and give them a toned look.

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Your fitness journey can change by including these dynamic movements in your upper body workout. Each upper body workout stimulates different muscles, providing a well-rounded development, from the traditional push-up to the ground-breaking bent arm lateral raises. Consistency is essential; you will see an increase in your upper body strength, tone and confidence as you push your muscles with these workouts. So, embrace these exercises, whether you are just beginning to get fit or trying to add something new to your routine.

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