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Best Exercises For Upper Abs

Dive into a collection of effective movements and routines that aim to sculpt and strengthen your upper abdominal muscles, enhancing core stability and definition.

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Every gym freak desires to have good abs, which are a symbol of a sound body. Gaining and maintaining abs might not be easy for everyone, as the fat around the belly is stubborn. There are numerous exercises that people suggest, but there is no guarantee that they will work. That’s why we bring you the best-sorted exercises for upper abs that are highly effective.


List of the best exercises for upper abs

This list includes the following exercises —

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Toe touches
  • Planks knee-to-nose
  • Alternating leg lowers
  • Jackknife pullovers


  • Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are exercises with great movements, which will give you splendid results. Bicycle crunches target your upper abs and enhance fat burning. To do this exercise, you need to lie down on a mat with your hands linked behind your head. After that, lift your legs and try to touch your knees to your elbows. Along with working on the upper abs, this exercise will also improve your stability, coordination and flexibility.

  • Toe touches

People often rely on sit-ups for their lower abs. However, that might not always work. Also, sit-ups are quite overrated and hyped. Try toe touches instead to feel the same burn, at a quicker rate than sit-ups. Toe touch is an exercise that hard-core workout lovers most prefer. You can even modify the toe touch according to your body’s capabilities. This exercise will ensure that your abs get targeted adequately.

  • Planks knee-to-nose

Plank is considered one of the best exercises for the upper abs and the entire core. You can’t get good abs by skipping planks. This exercise combines planks and knee-to-nose movements, creating a highly effective workout. The mid-air hold engages your abdominal muscles intensely, leading to enhanced definition and a satisfying burn. Moreover, the rotational component adds to your stability and balance, making it a well-rounded exercise for your core. This exercise will help not just your upper abs but your entire core and even obliques.

  • Alternating leg lowers

Alternative leg lowers will not target your upper abs directly but will work on giving you sculpted lower abs. Still, this exercise will affect your abs in a manner that will make your entire core burn. In this exercise, your upper abs will get locked, and your lower body and abs will show movement. Your movement will restrict the body from any sort of rotation. This will eventually target your thigh and hip muscles as well. This is not an upper ab workout, per se, but it effectively targets different muscles simultaneously.  

  • Jackknife pullovers

The jackknife pullover is the final one on our list of exercises for upper abs, and it certainly packs a punch. It’s designed for those who are pressed for time but still want effective results. You can feel the burn in your upper abs with just a few repetitions. While it may be more challenging than the exercises we’ve discussed earlier, the payoff in terms of results makes it well worth the effort. This exercise will show results within a very short duration.

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Having perfect abs is not just a dream; it’s something that anyone can achieve with sufficient effort and training. However, focusing your training and efforts in a particular direction is necessary. This would help you to gain effective results from your efforts. Also, you can perform these exercises anywhere, so you are not obligated to visit the gym regularly.

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