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Best Exercises To Alleviate Period Cramps

Don't let period cramps hold you back. Explore a variety of exercises and gentle routines proven to alleviate menstrual discomfort.

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Experiencing period cramps can be uncomfortable and sometimes disrupt daily life. Fortunately, exercise provides a natural means to alleviate these pains. Here, we will learn five effective exercises for period pain that can assist in easing menstrual discomfort and providing much-needed relief. By integrating these period pain relief exercises into your routine, you can assert control over your comfort and well-being during your menstrual cycle.


List of the best exercises for period cramps

Given below are the five most effective exercises that can make a difference in relieving period cramps:

  • Pelvic tilt
  • Child’s pose
  • Cobra stretch
  • Walking
  • Deep breathing

Let’s see how to do each of the above-mentioned exercises to reduce period pain. 


1. Pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilts offer a soothing remedy for lower abdominal discomfort during menstruation. Begin the exercise by lying on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Gently tilt your pelvis upward, engaging your core muscles and then relax it back down. This rhythmic motion helps release tension in the lower abdominal region, targeting the cramping sensation that often accompanies periods. Perform 10-15 repetitions of pelvic tilts to foster relaxation and alleviate period-related discomfort, providing a natural relief for troublesome cramps.


2. Child’s pose 

This is the easiest and most comforting exercise for period pain. A restorative posture like a child’s pose can work wonders in easing your lower back and abdominal muscles during your menstrual cycle. Kneel on the floor and gently sit back on your heels; you should extend your arms forward. This gentle stretch elongates the spine and aids in relaxing both the lower back and abdominal muscles. As you surrender to the pose for around 30 seconds to a minute, you encourage the release of tension, fostering a sense of comfort.


3. Cobra stretch

The cobra stretch is a rejuvenating exercise that addresses abdominal and back tension associated with period cramps. Lie face down, palms beneath your shoulders. Gently lift your upper body off the ground, arching your back while maintaining a connection to the pelvis. This stretch extends the abdominal area and soothes cramps. Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds, repeating a few times to ease discomfort and support a more relaxed state during your period. 


4. Walking 

Engaging in a gentle walking routine holds the power to elevate period cramps through improved circulation and mood elevation. A 20-30-minute brisk walk enhances blood flow to the pelvic region, providing natural relief to cramps. Additionally, physical activity releases endorphins, which are your body’s natural pain relievers. These endorphins uplift your mood and mitigate the intensity of period discomfort, ultimately contributing to a more comfortable menstrual experience. 


5. Deep breathing

Deep breathing holds the key to calming the nervous system and minimising the impact of period cramps. Find a quiet space, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale slowly through your nose and allow your abdomen to expand; exhale gently through your mouth, releasing any tension. This deliberate deep breathing triggers a relaxation response, lowering stress levels and easing the intensity of cramps. Practice deep breathing for a few minutes to cultivate a tranquil environment within your body.


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Embrace these effective exercises for period cramps as your allies in alleviating discomfort and enhancing your well-being. The combination of gentle movements, stretches, and mindful breathing provides a holistic approach to managing period-related pain. As you engage in these period pain relief exercises, remember that your body’s needs are unique, and it’s essential to select activities that resonate with your comfort levels. By adopting these natural solutions, you can reclaim control and experience a more peaceful and comfortable menstrual cycle.

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