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Discover The Benefits of Jackfruit

Explore the diverse health benefits of jackfruit, including its role in regulating blood sugar levels, protecting against chronic diseases, supporting immune health, preventing skin aging, and promoting heart health.

  • 23 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

The jackfruit is a unique tropical fruit that has become quite popular for its impressive nutritional profile besides its delicious sweet flavour. This superfood packs a powerful punch when it comes to health advantages. Did you know that the jackfruit is the largest tree fruit? It can reach up to 55 kg in weight, 90 cm in length, and 50 cm in diameter. Let’s explore some science-backed health benefits of jackfruit that you’ll enjoy when you add the fruit to your diet.

What are the health benefits of jackfruit?

Jackfruit offers an interesting array of health benefits, thanks to the dense concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

  • Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Boasts the potential to regulate blood sugar levels
  • May protect from chronic diseases
  • Supports immune health
  • Prevents skin ageing
  • Benefits heart health

Scroll down to read the benefits of jackfruit in detail:

  1. Packed with essential nutrients

One of the main appeals of jackfruit is its stellar nutritional content. A cup of jackfruit contains 10% vitamin A, 18% vitamin C, 11% riboflavin, 15% magnesium and copper, 16% manganese, and 14% potassium. It also provides 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fibre - amounts unheard of in similar fruits. The many vitamins and minerals also make this an antioxidant powerhouse primed to fight free-radical damage. It’s no wonder that jackfruit is often dubbed a “superfood”.

  1. May help control blood sugar

For those struggling with blood sugar regulation issues, jackfruit can be a handy helper. Its fibre content triggers a slower rate of digestion, preventing the dreaded sugar spike after meals. Jackfruit’s high-protein content also regulates the release of sugar. It is low on the glycemic index. This means its sugar enters the blood slowly. Studies show that low glycemic foods improve blood sugar control and insulin response.

Research also demonstrates jackfruit’s direct impact on blood sugar levels. Jackfruit extract given to diabetic test subjects substantially reduced fasting glucose. In diabetic mice, jackfruit leaf extract exhibited both immediate and sustained positive effects.

  1. May protect from diseases

Don’t let the sweetness of jackfruit fool you; it packs an antioxidant punch that may fend off a host of chronic diseases. Jackfruit contains several compounds with proven anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting properties.

The first heavy hitter is Vitamin C, lauded for its role in reducing systemic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the gateway to the onset and progression of cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, and cognitive decline. Next up are carotenoids, best known for promoting healthy vision but also tremendously effective at quelling chronic inflammation. They have been linked to decreased risk and severity of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease.

Rounding out the lineup are flavanones, which protect from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease by reducing inflammation and balancing key markers.

  1. Supports immune health

Jackfruit contains the classic combo of immune-boosting vitamins A and C. These two heavy hitters work together to accelerate the production of disease-fighting white blood cells and infection-combating antibodies. Vitamin A also keeps skin and tissues in the respiratory and intestinal tract healthy by creating a barrier against invading pathogens. All parts of your immune system operate more efficiently with adequate vitamin A from wholesome fruit sources such as jackfruit. 

Vitamin C pulls additional weight in the immune enhancement arena by stimulating white blood cell activity and increasing its effectiveness. It also functions as a powerful antioxidant, protecting immune cells from damage by free radicals. Together, these two vitamins prop up nearly every aspect of the immune system, making jackfruit an exceptional choice for defense from illnesses. 

  1. Prevents skin aging

In addition to immune-boosting vitamin A, jackfruit contains collagen-supporting vitamin C, which helps mitigate skin damage that leads to premature wrinkling and ageing. The rich supply of antioxidants fights the production of free radicals that degrade collagen and accelerate the formation of wrinkles and sagging. By boosting collagen production and preventing its breakdown, the nutrients in jackfruit strengthen the structural matrix under the skin to maintain its firmness and elasticity. They also support the regeneration of vitamin-E-depleted skin exposed to oxidation from UV light and other daily environmental stressors.

  1. Supports heart health

The potassium, fibre, flavonoids, and other antioxidants in jackfruit synergistically support cardiovascular function and help prevent heart disease through several mechanisms. First, potassium relaxes the blood vessels to improve flow and reduce strain on the heart. The fibre sweeps cholesterol out of the body before it can build up plaque in the arteries. Again, the impressive array of antioxidants thwarts inflammatory damage that can lead to the onset of atherosclerosis. Jackfruit also helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, two critical factors for maintaining healthy circulation and heart function.

Other Potential Health Benefits

Though not conclusively studied in humans yet, jackfruit shows initial promise for improving markers of health such as:

  • Digestive regularity: With 3 grams of fibre per cup, jackfruit can help optimise digestive transit time and relieve issues with constipation and diarrhoea. The nutrients may also soothe stomach ulcers.
  • Asthma prevention: Certain properties are thought to help prevent and manage asthmatic symptoms.
  • Anti-microbial effects: Compounds in jackfruit may combat viral and bacterial infections, including those that target the skin. More research is underway.


The root, extracts, and other parts of jackfruit have also been used in traditional medicine systems throughout India and Sri Lanka to treat the above conditions and many more.

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With its sweet mango-pineapple flavor, and chewy texture, jackfruit delivers exceptional nutrition in a delicious package. It exceeds the content of nearly every other fruit when it comes to essential nutrients such as protein, antioxidants, vitamins A and C, potassium, B vitamins, and phytonutrients. These compounds provide a variety of evidence-backed health benefits, essentially acting as natural health insurance from chronic diseases, blood sugar imbalance, inflammation and more. In addition to consuming a nutritious diet that includes jackfruit, it is also essential to take other necessary steps to protect your health and well-being. For instance, securing your peace of mind and finances with a comprehensive health insurance plan.

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