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Health Benefits of Apricot

Apricots, also known as Armenian plums, are nutrient-packed stone fruits rich in vitamins A and C, fibre, and various minerals.

  • 22 Feb 2024
  • 2 min read

Apricots are golden orbs of goodness and a wholesome combination of nutrients that are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a porter of plentiful health benefits. This colourful and flavourful fruit promotes various aspects of our health, from the liver to the gut and skin to the eyes. This blog explores the many benefits of apricots that make a perfect excuse to get some for ourselves.

What are the Health Benefits of Apricots?

Also known as Armenian plums, the apricot is a stone fruit packed with nutrients. High in vitamins A and C, fibre, and many more minerals, apricots offer a pack of essentials that promotes overall well-being. Read through the excellent benefits of apricot and know why these fruity gems should be on your daily diet chart.

  1. High in Antioxidants: One of the most essential benefits of apricot is that this fruit is loaded with beta-carotene and quercetin and other compounds that help combat oxidative stress in the body. Since antioxidants play a crucial role in guarding our cells against damage, indulging in apricots is a definite yes!
  1. Boosts Eye Health: We can keep our eyes in top-notch condition with flavour-packed apricots. The goodness of vitamin A in this fruit helps maintain good vision and is a delight for sore eyes!
  1. Takes Care of Skin Health: Many will find this one to be the best among all the benefits of apricot! Yes, this fruit is a beauty booster, too, thanks to its vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to skin health by aiding collagen production.
  1. High in Potassium: For anyone looking for a natural way to maintain blood pressure, apricots might be the right solution. This fruit is high in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure and promotes heart health, making it another reason to include apricots in the diet.
  1. Watches Over Gut Health: Apricots are a friend to one’s stomach and gut. With a lot of fibre content, this fruit contributes to digestive health and prevents constipation, which can significantly help many.
  1. Supports Liver Health: Apricots play a crucial role in supporting liver health. The antioxidants in the fruit help with detoxification, aiding the liver in its essential functions, which is one of the most important benefits to enjoy!
  1. Hydrates Body: The apricot is an amazing medium to welcome hydration to the body! Since it has high water content, apricot contributes to our daily hydration requirements, keeping the body refreshed and energised.


Various unassuming things play a profound role in overall health management. The apricot story is similar; it is a hidden gem comprising several benefits that can reward physical and mental health in the long run. While savouring the goodness of apricots, do give some thought to buying a health insurance plan as well. You can relish the delicious taste of this wonderful fruit and enjoy hassle-free days with proper insurance coverage.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only. Please consult a medical or nutrition professional before making any significant changes in your daily diet. Relying on any information provided in this blog is solely at your own risk, and ICICI Lombard is not responsible for any impact or consequences resulting from the use of the information shared.

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