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Health Insurance Scheme for Migrant Labourers

Kerala government orders proper implementation of “Awaz”, a health insurance scheme which provides free medical treatment to migrant workers.

  • 01 Nov 2016
  • 2 min read

The government of Kerala has issued orders for the proper enforcement of Awaz, a health insurance scheme for migrant labourers. The scheme emphasises on timely data collection of migrant workers and helps in providing them health care facilities.

Under the scheme, all migrant workers are registered and given an identity card. The scheme is targeted towards migrant workers aged 18-60 years in various sectors and is an attempt by the state government to improve their lives.

All migrant labourers who join the scheme are entitled to a free medical treatment worth ₹15,000 in all government hospitals across the state. Besides, certain empanelled private hospitals will also provide medical treatment to these workers. The scheme includes accident coverage for the workers along with the health insurance plan.

The workers can reach out to the district labour officer to register a complaint and in the case of an appeal, they can address the labour commissioner. The labour department is to look after the distribution of identity card and enrolment of beneficiaries. Moreover, the district labour officer will oversee the implementation of the scheme at the district level.

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