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How Can Pregnant Women Relieve Back Pain While Sleeping?

Back pain is a common discomfort during pregnancy, particularly while sleeping. In this article, we share practical tips and strategies for pregnant women to find relief and enjoy a more comfortable night's rest.

  • 02 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for many women, but one that also brings on a range of challenges. One common issue that many pregnant women experience is back pain which makes it difficult for them to sleep comfortably and get proper rest. This is mainly because during pregnancy, a woman gains a significant amount of weight, her centre of gravity changes, and hormonal changes make her ligaments softer to prepare her for pregnancy. In this article, we will discover different pregnancy back pain remedies for sleeping, which can prevent or ease pain.


Tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy while sleeping

Listed below are several pregnancy back pain remedies for sleeping that a woman could try:

  • Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your side and not on your back can ease some back pain, as this can help to reduce the pressure on our lower back and hips. If you are having trouble sleeping on your side, try using a body pillow that supports your belly and back. Or, use maternity pillows available in the market that are specially designed for pregnant women.


  • Use a supportive mattress

A supportive mattress can help significantly reduce back pain. Use a firm mattress that can properly support your body while you sleep. It's best to first consult a healthcare professional for guidance before buying a new mattress.


  • Apply a warm or cold compress to your back

Applying a warm or cold compress to your back can help reduce pain and inflammation. For a cold compress, use an ice pack, and for hot compresses, you can use a heating pad or a hot water bag.


  • Practise good posture

Slouching puts pressure on the spine and further aggravates back pain. It is thus important to maintain good posture during pregnancy that can help reduce back pain and maintain proper alignment of the spinal cord. It is also recommended to wear a good, supporting maternity belt that provides support to the abdomen.

Also read:

  • Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy is challenging and tiring but at the same time, it can help to maintain strength and flexibility, which can help reduce back pain. Always consult a healthcare professional before performing any exercise, especially if you are already dealing with an existing medical condition. Your doctor may suggest doing simple exercises or pregnancy yoga in a daily routine as it boosts blood flow to your uterus, which helps to keep the foetus healthy.


  • Consult a healthcare professional

If you are pregnant and are facing severe back pain, it is always recommended to seek medical advice from a doctor for proper treatment. A doctor will recommend the right medicines or other forms of treatments best suited to you.



Almost every woman faces back pain during pregnancy, but it is important to take necessary steps to manage it. This ensures you get the right amount of quality sleep to stay active and fit throughout your pregnancy.

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