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How to Do a Pike Push-Up?

The article will delve into the proper technique and the conditions to do a pike push-up.

  • 17 Oct 2023
  • 2 min read

The pike push-up, a delightful twist to the classic push-up, promises to challenge your upper body in fascinating ways. If you want a powerful exercise that targets your shoulders and challenges your core stability, then learning how to do a pike push-up is your ticket to fitness innovation. Get ready to embrace a new perspective on push-ups as we delve into the steps of how to do a proper pike push-up.


Steps to do a pike push-up

Mastering a pike push-up involves precise movements that target your upper body strength and shoulder muscles. Let’s look at how to do a pike push-up step by step.


Always warm your body up before exercising, including a pike push-up. A few minutes of light cardio and dynamic stretches can help prevent injury.

Start with the right pose

Assume a high plank position, forming a straight line from head to heels. Engage your core muscles; avoid arching or rounding your back.

Create the pike shape

Keep your hands straight and at a width equal to your shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing forward, aligning with your shoulders. Elevate your hips and back towards the ceiling, creating an inverted V shape with your body. Your head should be between your arms.

Lowering phase

As you bend your elbows, bring your upper body closer to the ground. Your head should move towards the floor between your palms, threading through your arms.

Elevate with power

Push your body back up slowly to ascend to the pike (inverted V) position.

Repeat with control

Do the pike push-up steadily, focusing on maintaining your form and raising your body up and down.

Sync your breathing

Inhale as you lower yourself towards the ground; exhale as you elevate back to the pike pose.


Gradual progress

If the pike push-up seems confusing, start with a simpler version against a wall instead of the floor. Work your way towards the full movement as you gain strength and confidence.

You can consider more challenging forms of pike push-ups if your fitness level allows you to do so. For instance, you can try out the diamond push-up (holding your thumbs and fingers in a diamond shape while doing a push-up), if you’ve already become a pro with the initial stage. But remember to consult a fitness trainer before starting with more challenging versions. Additionally, remember to have health insurance against any accidents or mishaps that might occurs during your exercise. 



Now that you know how to do a proper pike push-up with ease, you can think of variations. This exercise might appear puzzling at first, but with these steps, you can master the technique. Embrace the challenge, add it to your fitness routine, and watch your upper body strength and stability soar. Remember, fitness is a journey filled with intriguing twists and turns, and the pike push-up is a great way to increase your strength. Get ready to push yourself and elevate your upper body workout routine with this intriguing version of the classic push-up.

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