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How to do Jumping Jacks

Rev up your fitness routine with our beginner-friendly guide on how to do jumping jacks, a classic exercise that combines cardio and coordination.

  • 19 Oct 2023
  • 3 min read

Jumping jacks are a classic and effective exercise that can get your heart pumping and your whole body moving. Whether you are a fitness buff or just looking for a fun way to stay active, learning how to do jumping jacks can help you boost your workout routine. In this article, we will break down the steps on how to do a jumping jack correctly, to ensure you get the most out of this dynamic exercise.


Steps to do jumping jacks

Jumping jacks might sound simple, but a proper technique is necessary to perform them correctly. Doing them right ensures optimal results. Follow these steps to master the art of jumping jacks.


  • Start with proper posture

Stand tall with your legs together and your arms relaxed at your sides. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your core muscles engaged.


  • Bend your knees

Begin by slightly bending your knees, preparing your body for the jump.


  • Jump up

Push through your feet and jump into the air. While jumping, spread your legs out to about shoulder-width apart. Make sure your toes point a little outward.


  • Arm movement

As you jump, stretch your arms to the sides and over your head. Your arms should form a V shape. Keep your palms facing the front or slightly rotated outward.


  • Return to starting position

Jump back to the starting position. Land softly on the balls of your feet as you bring your legs back together. Simultaneously, lower your arms back to your sides.

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  • Repeat and maintain rhythm
  • Continue this fluid motion of jumping, spreading your legs, raising your arms, and returning to the starting position. Aim for a steady and controlled rhythm, keeping your moments synchronised.


    • Breathing

    Breathe naturally throughout the exercise session. Inhale while spreading your legs and raising your arms; exhale as you return to your starting position.


    Safety tips

    Land softly to reduce the impact on your joints. If you have joint pain or other issues, consider modifying the exercise by simply stepping your feet out instead of jumping.

    You can add variations like jump rope jacks, squat jacks and jack burpees. You can also bend your knees while pushing up the muscles. If you are uncomfortable at any stage, talk to a doctor or professional trainer before continuing with the regimen. Pick a pace that’s in sync with your fitness level.



    Learning how to do a jumping jack can be the first step to improving your fitness level. Use jumping jacks to add a burst of cardio into your routine and engage multiple muscle groups. Remember, the key is to perform each movement with control and rhythm. Start with a few repetitions, gradually increasing as you build strength and endurance. So next time you do a quick and effective workout, try jumping jacks — your heart and core muscles will thank you for it!

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