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Insure yourself a longer life with health insurance

Health insurance gives you relief from worry on medical expenses. You can assure yourself of the best treatment under health insurance.

  • 02 Sep 2014
  • 2 min read

Mediclaim will insure you and your family of medical coverage for all members as well under a separate policy.

With the advent of new technology, the medical and health sector has seen tremendous growth. There are new drugs to fight illnesses that were initially considered incurable. However, the cost of these drugs is not something that you can keep paying for too long without draining your savings. Even the cost of normal healthcare has increased in keeping with the upwardly mobile economy. For a middle class family, a medical emergency could mean a drain on their savings. Therefore, it is only health insurance that can assure you of proper medical care in emergencies.


In a health insurance scheme, a person of a certain age can get coverage of a fixed amount of medical expenses per annum by paying a premium annually. With health insurance therefore, you can insure yourself of proper treatment in a reputed hospital.

In addition to the basic benefits inbuilt in a health insurance, there are other features and coverage in many of the policies offered by different companies.

  • Family floater plans:

Under such plans you pay slightly higher premium to cover up to 4 members of the family under the same plan. It provides the flexibility of choosing a cover for the entire family. If one member of the family is hospitalised and money is needed for his treatment out of the assured sum, the balance money is available for other members. In the family floater scheme, you will get proper medical care for the whole family.

  • Hospitalisation cash benefit:
    Under this clause, for every completed day of hospitaslisation the insured gets cash benefits. This compensates to a large extent for the expenses incurred for hospitalisation and loss of earnings for staying away from work.
  • Pre hospitalisation and post hospitalisation benefits:
    There are some mediclaim policies which provide coverage for diagnostic and medicinal charges 60-90 days prior to hospitaslisation. Similarly, after discharge from the hospital, expenses related to check up and medicines are reimbursed for a specified period.
  • Cashless facility:
    Under this facility you are not required to pay the bills to the hospital put of your own savings. There is direct settlement with the hospital. The payment of hospital charges is done by a Third Party Administrator (TPA) which in turn settles the reimbursement with the insurance company. This arrangement is done for a network of hospitals. You can get proper treatment in any of these hospitals under the cashless facility.

    A good policy assures you of many benefits that you can avail of at present or in the future. Invest in one now to save yourself troubles in the near future.

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