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Is Almond Good for Pregnancy?

Learn why almonds are recommended during pregnancy, offering essential nutrients like folic acid, iron, and magnesium for optimal maternal and fetal health.

  • 07 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

It is quite common for pregnant women to ask: is almond good for pregnancy? The answer is firmly yes, and doctors suggest its intake for the proper development of the baby and the mother’s health. However, some people believe it can produce heat within the body. We must tell you such claims don’t have any scientific evidence. You should only rely on an expert’s opinion. For personalised diet suggestions, consult your doctor or nutritionist. Here, we will look at the advantages of including almonds in your pregnancy diet. 

Is It Okay to Have Almonds during Pregnancy?

It is absolutely recommended to have almonds during pregnancy. We will explore why you should incorporate these nuts into your diet and the doctor's recommended quantity for optimum health benefits during this exciting phase in your life.

  • Pregnant women should avoid almonds only if they have a strong allergy towards these nuts.
  • Almonds contain a sufficient quantity of protein, vitamins, and fat. Taking 4 to 6 almonds is suitable for a regular diet. Pregnant women can eat up to 20 almonds a day. It is a safe threshold recommended by medical professionals.
  • Pregnant women who are lactose intolerant can consume almond milk. For the best impact on health, soak almonds in water and peel the skin before eating. The skin of almonds contains tannin, which locks the nutrients in these nuts. Peeling the skin releases nutrients and improves its benefits for pregnant women.

If you’re still wondering if almonds are good for pregnancy, we will explore their health benefits to clarify the issue.

  • Almonds contain folic acid in abundance, a vital nutrient essential for the foetus’s neurological growth. Consuming almonds also prevents several birth defects.
  • Fibres in almonds help prevent blood sugar fluctuations and optimise high blood pressure during gestation. Carbohydrates and dietary fats minimise inflammation and oxidative stress and optimise blood sugar.
  • Iron in almonds helps improve the foetus’s immunity and heart development. It also helps transport oxygen through the mother’s body to the baby; this helps pregnant women fight tiredness.
  • Almonds also help to maintain a healthy weight. Magnesium in almonds strengthens the bones and teeth of a baby. It improves foetal growth, stimulates enzyme function and ensures the overall health of pregnant women.

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Pregnant women need to take extra care to nourish themselves and their babies. To do so, a healthy diet in the right quantity is crucial, as your doctor recommends. Also, in the era of inflated medical bills, secure your financial health with maternal health insurance and plan your pregnancy smartly. A comprehensive healthcare plan will help you manage maternity-related complications and delivery expenses without facing any financial hurdles.

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