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Is Garlic Good for Pregnancy?

Discover if garlic is safe in pregnancy, its nutrients, benefits like immune support & heart health, and precautions for expecting mothers' diets.

  • 05 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

Garlic is a reliable source of essential nutrients contributing to a healthy pregnancy. It has a high content of vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, and selenium, among other essential nutrients. Among the variety of foods that expectant mothers sometimes question for their effectiveness, garlic is often the most asked about.

Well-known for its pungent odour and distinct taste, garlic has been around for ages – not only because of its widespread use in cooking but also because of its health properties.

Below, let's find out the answer to, “Is garlic good for pregnancy?”

Is It Okay to Have Garlic During Pregnancy?

Garlic is an excellent addition to a healthy pregnancy diet when consumed moderately. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, eating a large proportion can cause heartburn. 

  • Nutritional benefits: Garlic contains essential nutrients such as vitamin C, B6, manganese, and selenium that support the health of the unborn baby.
  • Immune support: Compounds in garlic, including allicin, have antimicrobial and antiviral properties. These promote the body's immune-boosting and infection-fighting abilities.
  • Heart health: Garlic helps reduce blood pressure, maintains cholesterol levels, and supports cardiovascular health in pregnant women.
  • Digestive aid: Garlic promotes digestion by making the body produce more digestive enzymes and ensuring a healthy gut. It improves some of the digestion issues that are common during pregnancy.
  • Individual preferences: Some pregnant women might find garlic's intense aromas and taste too dominating because of increased sensitivity to smells or altered taste perception. Those who love garlic could find soup, stew, or roasted vegetables as good ways to add flavour and nutrition to their balanced diet during pregnancy. 

Hence, garlic has a lot of benefits. However, it should be taken with discretion during pregnancy as it can have possible adverse side effects.

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Garlic can be a healthy addition to a pregnant woman's diet as it contains various nutrients and potential health benefits. Nonetheless, the key to avoiding any negative impacts is moderation. Pregnant women should consult their healthcare providers to ensure their garlic intake is within the recommended safe intake levels.

Expectant mothers can ensure their health along with their babies through informed dietary decisions. 

Alongside, diligent about-to-be-parents find obtaining maternity health insurance a wise decision as it protects them from the high cost of pregnancy and childbirth. This insurance can cover prenatal care, delivery charges, and post-natal care expenses. Health insurance is highly recommended for pregnant women or those planning to conceive. 

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