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Points to Consider Before Buying Affordable Health Insurance in India

  • 21 Jan 2013
  • min read

During such times, getting optimal medical care is a top priority and not much thought is accorded to medical expenses and medical bills. It is at the time of settling bills that can cause stress as arranging for adequate finances at the last minute can get quite cumbersome or can affect your savings. Conversely, lack of adequate funds could come in the way of securing optimal health care for the ailing and can at times prove fatal. It is for these reasons that a health insurance policy is extremely essential so that you get optimal health care without endangering your savings.

Opting for a comprehensive health insurance would be beneficial as it offers extensive coverage. With a comprehensive health policy lends coverage for all hospitalisation bills, payment of doctor’s or surgeon’s fees, room rent, expenses incurred with the purchase of medicines etc. The coverage offered by a health plan differs from one insurance provider to another. Thus, it becomes important to read carefully the extent of coverage and any additional charges like deductibles or co-payments which may be applicable on certain medical services and coverage offered by your health insurance policy.

To buy an affordable health insurance comparing quotes is a must. An insurance quote gives you a fair idea about the premium payable for a particular cover. Based on this knowledge, you can easily narrow down on several insurance covers and select one which best meets your requirements and budget. The best health insurance would be one which offers the freedom to structure the policy premium as per the buyer’s convenience. For this reason, it would be beneficial to consider the Complete Heath Insurance plan offered by ICICI Lombard. This plan offers lifetime renewability and allows the option to structure the premium to your requirement.

This Health AdvantEdge policy (family health insurance)is a comprehensive insurance policy and can be tailored to cover an individual or a family. With the floater benefit, this insurance policy can cover a maximum of five family members (subject to policy terms) under a single premium which makes it affordable health insurance. You then do not need to purchase individual insurance policies for your loved ones. With such a policy, you need not fret about missing renewal and premium payment dates.

Several insurance providers offer the option of online purchase, payment and renewal which further simplifies the process of policy purchase. Thus, with a little careful consideration, buying the best health insurance is extremely easy to enjoy optimal medical and financial benefits.

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Disclaimer - The article contains only an indication of the cover offered. For complete details on coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. This article is brought to you by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation.

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