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Swim Your Way to a Healthy Life

Dive into a healthier lifestyle as we explore the benefits of swimming and how it can transform your well-being.

  • 11 Mar 2015
  • 3 min read

But, soon reluctance gives way to thrill as the rookie swimmer takes confident strokes and leaves his floating aids behind.

Swimming is exhilarating. But, as all proficient swimmers will tell you, swimming is more than just a recreational activity. Along with immense pleasure, this exercise offers a horde of hidden benefits. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, here are plenty of reasons to make you do so.

Swimming Makes You Feel Awesome

Common swim strokes

  1. Freestyle:A fast technique, preferred by veteran swimmers
  2. Breaststroke:A slow method, popular among beginners

  3. Backstroke: Great for people with back problems
    1. Feel less anxious and more relaxed
    2. Experience a trance-like state
    3. Bust stress
    4. Improve overall sense of well-being
    5. Combat uncomfortable summer heat
    6. Fulfill their adventurous instincts

'Swimming is all about having fun, and I am firm believer that you should keep swimming as long as you are having fun, but I can say that it becomes much more fun as you get older and learn more about the sport, life, and especially more about yourself'- Scott Goldblatt (Olympic gold medalist in swimming)

Swimming Burns Calories Like Never Before!

Facts, We Bet You Didn't know!

  1. Elephants can swim as many as 20 miles a day using their trunks as natural snorkels.

    2.Y-40 Deep Joy pool in Italy is 130 feet deep. It works out to a height of a 14-storey building!

Burn off those excess calories to eat whatever you want. Any book of nutrition would tell you that:
1. A 30-minute butterfly stroke will burn more than 350 calories. In contrast, walking would burn only 80-100 calories.

2. You can choose your style of swimming. The calories you burn depend upon the kind of strokes you do.

3. Swimming is a healthy way to reduce weight and people with more weight end up burning more calories during swimming.

'With swimming, I burn a lot of calories. I'm able to eat pretty much anything and it won't affect me. But I don't.' - Ryan Lochte (Eleven times Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming)

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Swimming Enhances your Creativity

Swim for your heart

As per the American Heart Association, just 30 minutes of exercise per day, such as swimming, can reduce coronary heart disease in women by 30 to 40 percent.

In addition to activities like art and painting, swimming too, is known to stimulate brain cells. Take a dip to let your creative instincts flow!

1. The pool has often been credited by many to be an ideal place for getting those life altering ideas or out-of-the-box solutions.

2. Swimming in the sea and looking at scenic surroundings can do wonders for the artist in you.

3. Swimming unleashes the zeal to perform. You can perform creative acrobatic feats - brilliant dives, amazing turns and daring somersaults.
4. Swimmers experiment new techniques right from freestyle stroke to the dolphin kick. 'The human spirit lives on
creativity and dies in conformity and routine.'- Vilayat Inayat Khan (Spiritual Master)

Swimming Tones Your Body

Get that great toned look by swimming regularly as it helps to build:

1. Strength and endurance

2. Stronger lungs and heart

3. Stronger muscle groups

4. Higher body flexibility

Go ahead. Get enrolled at your local gym or join the clubhouse. Let your worries and stress take a nosedive in the serenity of cool water!

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