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Symptoms of High Estrogen in Men

Discover the telltale signs of elevated estrogen in men, understanding the symptoms that signal hormonal imbalance and its potential effects.

  • 22 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Estrogen is traditionally known to be a female hormone but is also present in a minor quantity in males. Estrogen in men is essential for the development of several functions. It regulates sex drive, sperm development, and erectile function. Even though estrogen is essential for the male body to function properly, excess of this hormone can lead to health issues. The normal amount of this hormone in a male varies depending on the age and health history.


What are the symptoms of high estrogen in men?

The common symptoms of high estrogen in men are:


  • Weight gain

Weight gain increases estrogen levels because the aromatase enzyme that helps in the production of this hormone is found in the fatty tissues.


  • Erectile dysfunction

An increased level of estrogen accompanied by a low level of testosterone is associated with erectile dysfunction, like weaker and less frequent erections.


  • Low sex drive

Estrogen affects the psycho-sexual development of males, which takes on during early brain development. Since the aromatase enzyme is also present in the brain, estrogen formed there influences sexual behaviour from a psychological viewpoint.


  • Infertility

Infertility is an extreme symptom of high estrogen. This hormone plays a role in the development of germ cells lining the testes. Abnormal estrogen levels can adversely affect the growth of sperm and its nourishment, resulting in infertility.


  • Gynecomastia

Enlargement of breast gland tissues in men.


  • Depression

High estrogen levels affect moods and may lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.


  • Loss of energy

High estrogen levels in men often cause fatigue or lack of energy.


  • Muscle atrophy

Studies show that high estrogen levels cause muscle loss.

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Elderly men are at an increased risk of having estrogen dominance as testosterone declines naturally with age. But it's also now common among young people. However, many treatments are available for this problem, that can increase testosterone levels. Some lifestyle changes also help with lowering estrogen, which includes incorporating magnesium, B vitamins, and fresh organic foods in the diet, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight.


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