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Traffic Congestion and Finding Parking Space Increase Stress

The study carried out by Ford Motor Company in Asia Pacific's five countries revealed that drivers feel stressed due to traffic congestion and lack of parking space.

  • 21 Sep 2015
  • 2 min read

It was found that traffic congestion (63%) and parking (56%) top the list of factors that cause high anxiety levels in Indian drivers. At least six out of every ten Indian drivers feel stressed due to these factors. These results have come to light when India has recorded the highest ever road deaths at 16 people per hour in the year 2014. According to K. K. Kapila, Chief of the International Road Federation, 'All these years we have been blaming drivers, and little has been done to find out what is the extent of road condition and driving atmosphere that are responsible for crashes as well.' This indicates a pressing need for health insurance for Indian drivers, considering the escalating road dangers. The other factors for stress, such as the fear of accidents and traffic fines, rated low. However, one of the key factors like honking on the road was not taken into consideration. Another fact that came out through this study was that the drivers feel relaxed by singing or listening to music. Almost 47% of drivers sing most of the time while driving.

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