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Which Dry Fruits Are Good For The Skin?

Explore a selection of dry fruits known for their skin-nourishing properties, offering a natural way to enhance skin health and appearance.

  • 20 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Dry fruits are immensely beneficial for health because they are loaded with nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats. But did you know, dry fruits are incredible for radiant and glowing skin too? They can prevent wrinkles and dryness as well as promote glowing skin. You can either eat them directly or use them to make a face pack for your skin.

So, which dry fruit is good for the skin? Let’s discuss skin-friendly dry fruits and their nutritional values.  


List of best dry fruits for the skin:

Figs (Anjeer)

  • Figs are loaded with vitamins C, B6 and K and have antioxidants that reduce dark spots and promote even skin tone.
  • Consuming figs controls sebum production, locks moisture, and induces hydration.
  • Research indicates that figs increase moisture in the skin, and promote collagen production thus helping to prevent or delay the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, and maintaining the elasticity of your skin.

Prunes (Khushk aloo bukhara)

  • Prunes, or dried plums, are rich in antioxidants that stop premature ageing like sagging, fines-lines and wrinkles.
  • They are rich in minerals like manganese, iron, vitamin K and beta-carotene resulting in healthy and radiant skin.
  • Prunes are also great for repairing damaged hair.

Pistachios (Pista)

  • Pistachios are great in case you struggle with dry and flaky skin as they are rich in fats.
  • Fats in the pistachios are related to increased moisture in the skin thus reducing signs of ageing.
  • It has vitamin E which provides nutrients to the skin cells thus reducing damage associated with sun exposure.
  • Pistachios if consumed regularly are great for attaining healthy and glowing skin.

Pine nuts (Chilgoza)

  • Pine nuts are a type of dry fruit loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties that are great for people with sensitive skin.
  • Not only do they nourish the skin but also provide moisture, protecting it from various skin damages.
  • The availability of vitamin K and antioxidants delays the ageing process of the skin.

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Almonds (Badam)

  • Almonds are one of the best dry fruits that promote healthy and youthful skin.
  • They too are loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants that protect the skin in case of sun damage.
  • Almonds also help nourish and moisturise the skin keeping it soft and smooth.
  • Consuming a handful of soaked almonds, or applying almond paste or even almond oil to your skin can help reduce pimples, dullness and pigmentation.

Walnuts (Akhrot)

  • Walnuts add plumpness to your skin and remove the toxins that result in skin damage, thus making your skin glow.
  • Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which are good for healthy skin and hair.
  • Because walnuts have excellent exfoliating properties they are used in various types of body and face scrubs.
  • They not only retain moisture in the skin but also are known to strengthen cell membranes.
  • They have properties that help in reducing redness, and inflammation and protect from sun damage.

Raisins (Kishmish)

  • Raisins are loaded with a number of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, important vitamins, and minerals that are responsible for making skin healthy and glowing.
  • Raisins slow down ageing and reduce dark spots, acne marks, blemishes and hyperpigmentation on the skin.
  • Consuming black raisins makes the skin smooth and bright, and removes toxins from the blood.

Dried apricots (Kubani)

  • Dried apricots contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene help in reducing dark spots, blemishes, and even pigmentation. It is converted into vitamin A in the body after eating.
  • It can provide UV protection from the sun to prevent ageing and skin pigmentation.
  • Eating dried apricots prevents skin damage and aids in reducing dark spots and pigmentation.
  • Dried apricots are used in facial masks. They can be mixed with milk and yoghurt to create a face mask for radiant and youthful skin.

Dates (Kajoor)

  • Dates improve the elasticity of the skin making it fair, smooth and tender.
  • Red and black dates help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • They also promote youthful skin.
  • Dates are good for dry and itchy skin as they contain vitamins A and B which are responsible for promoting healthy skin.
  • Applying mashed dates after adding honey to acne and stretch marks can lighten them.

Cashews (Kaju)

  • Cashews are rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and phosphorus.
  • Kaju are also rich in copper and various vitamins like vitamin C.
  • The main advantage of cashews is that they improve collagen levels, the most important protein for youthful skin.
  • Cashews promote fair complexion and reduce wrinkles.
  • They are considered helpful in decreasing scars and pigmentation.



We hope this blog has helped you understand which dry fruit is good for the skin, and why. All these dry fruits have their own benefits and you can easily incorporate them into your diet as per your specific requirement. You can also use them to make home-made packs and scrubs. So, go ahead and work towards getting glowing and healthy skin!

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