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Which Fruit Has The Most Protein?

Unveiling the Surprising Fruit with the Highest Protein Content.

  • 07 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Proteins have long been considered to be the building blocks of life. Consuming an adequate amount of protein in our daily diet is crucial. It is a vital macronutrient that is essential for building muscle mass, it helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, and it may even reduce the risk of heart disease. If you’re looking to add more protein to your diet, it might surprise you to know that certain fruits can help with that! So the next obvious question is “Which fruit has the most protein?” Read on to know more.


Fruits with the most amount of protein

Fruits packed with high fibre, amino acids and protein are listed below:

  • Guava

Protein content: 4.2g protein per cup 

Guava is an excellent high-protein fruit as it supplements our diet with a whopping 4.2 grams of protein per cup. It has many health benefits including a fair amount of vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin A, iron, and the antioxidant lycopene that helps protect our body against ageing.

  • Avocado

Protein content: 3g protein per cup

Avocado is a great source of healthy fat and contains a decent amount of protein. This fruit is known to be beneficial for health, as it has prebiotic fibre and monounsaturated fatty acids that help to reduce bad cholesterol. It also helps maintain blood pressure in the body thanks to the potassium present in it. It is a delicious and creamy fruit that we can put in our salads or other dressings in the form of guacamole or mixed with honey for enhanced taste.

  • Jackfruit

Protein content: 2.8 grams of protein per cup

Jackfruit is known to be a fleshy and sweet tropical fruit which has multiple health benefits, being a rich source of vitamins B and C. It also believed to have anticancer properties. It is rich in fibre, which helps us feel full without adding lots of calories to our diet.

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  • Kiwi
  • Protein content: 2g protein per cup 

    If you want to lose weight, kiwi is a great choice. This fruit is packed with vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and fibre, all of which are good for aiding digestion, relieving constipation, and keeping your gut healthy.

    • Apricot

    Protein content: 2.2g protein per cup

    One can consume apricots dried or fresh as a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, potassium and zinc. Apricots also contain a significant amount of health-promoting flavonoids and many active compounds like catechin and chlorogenic acids that give this fruit their anti-cancer, antioxidant and antiviral properties.


    So if you’ve ever pondered the question “Which fruit has more protein?” we hope this article has answered it for you. For any queries, it is best to consult with a certified dietician who will be able to provide you with the best diet plan tailored to suit your health goals.

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