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Best Places To Enjoy The Nightlife In Riga

From trendy clubs to cultural hubs, discover the premier destinations that make Riga's nights come alive.

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Riga is not just your regular old city but a place where the magic comes alive after sunset. This Latvian gem isn’t just about historical sights and charming architecture. Riga nightlife is hotter than a firecracker. Picture this: As the sun takes its well-deserved break, Riga wakes up with a nightlife scene that’ll make your heart race. We’re talking about everything from cosy hangouts to clubs that’ll make your head spin. So, buckle up because Riga’s after-dark vibe is about to blow your mind!


Top places to enjoy Riga nightlife

If you’re itching to plunge headfirst into Riga’s nightlife, here’s your cheat sheet to the five top spots that promise you a night to remember:

  • Tallinn Street Quarter
  • Briāna Quarter
  • Avotu and Vagonu Streets
  • Old Town Riga
  • Riga City Centre


1.    Tallinn Street Quarter

This place is a paradise for the young and restless. Tallinn Street Quarter is like a canvas splashed with vibrant colours, thanks to its vivid murals and a medley of bars and street food joints. But there’s more to this place. This quarter is a stage for events, concerts and festivals that’ll knock your socks off. The mix of art and entertainment provides a rollercoaster of vibes, making your trip a medley of colourful memories.

2.    Briāna Quarter

Ready for something a tad different? Briāna Quarter has you covered. This place thrives on its unique and diverse nightlife scene. If you’re a craft beer lover, Labietis Brewery will become your haven. You can visit Skapis, a club that’s skyrocketing in popularity. The music enthusiast in you can groove to the beats at Nemiers, an alternative rock music bar, while jazz lovers can find their jam at Club M/Darbnīca. And if raves are what you seek to explore, the “One One Club” will rock your world.

3.    Avotu and Vagonu Streets Area

Avotu and Vagonu Streets are like the secret treasure trove of evening entertainment. One can prepare to get dazzled here. Sample exquisite craft beers and cocktails at Nurme Bar and Alus Rūme Trofeja Brewery on Avotu Street. If you still wish to explore the entertainment options, head to Vagonu Street for more excitement. Vagonu Hall is your go-to for concerts and events, while the Laska V21 Bar adds a unique flavour. Brace yourself for regular doses of alternative music – think rock and electronic music nights.

4.    Old Town Riga

The heart and soul of Riga’s nightlife is Old Riga, a melting pot of awesome bars and clubs waiting to make your night epic. Stroll around and hop from one fantastic place to another – from Armoury to Thirsty Bulldog — there’s a flavour for every mood. And if you’re ready to dance your heart out, Cuba Cafe and Sinners Club have your back. Old Town Riga offers loads of choices for party souls as well as those who seek an off-the-beaten-track experience.

5.    Riga City Centre

The action is in the city centre, where you can brace yourself for a range of bars catering to every taste and preference. Skyline Bar, Manana, and Cloud Nine are just a few of the places drawing crowds by the dozen. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, Aleponija and Laska are your go-to spots. For those who love gyrating to live music, St. Black, Blues House, and B Bar give you an unforgettable night.

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When the stars twinkle above, Riga transforms into a playground of entertainment. From the buzzing Old Town to the trendiest neighbourhoods, Riga offers a buffet of nightlife experiences that’ll make your head spin (in the best way possible). So whether you’re sipping craft beers, grooving to live music, or chilling in a cosy bar, Riga nightlife has something to tickle every fancy. Let the infectious energy of the night sweep you off your feet as you go about exploring the nooks and crannies after dusk.

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