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Best Places to Visit in Bali

Escape to the tropical paradise of Bali, Indonesia's enchanting island gem, as this article reveals the best places to visit in this idyllic destination.

  • 06 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

Between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, Bali is renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and welcoming people. With a history dating back over 2,000 years, Bali has witnessed the rise and fall of multiple empires. From the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom to Dutch colonial rule, the island’s past has shaped its unique identity, evident in its temples, art forms, and daily rituals. Today, Bali embraces its historical heritage while embracing modernity, creating a dynamic blend of old and new. If you plan to visit this country, it is crucial to first learn about the best Bali tourist places discussed here.

Top Places to Visit in Bali

  • Uluwatu Temple
  • Tanah Lot Temple
  • Kuta Beach
  • Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Besakih Temple

1. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple, also called Pura Luhur Uluwatu, traces its roots back to the 11th century when it got built by a revered Javanese sage named Empu Kuturan. The temple dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, the supreme god of Indonesian Hinduism, serves as a place of worship for the Balinese. Its name, "Uluwatu," translates to "land's end rock" in the local language, perfectly capturing its awe-inspiring location.

The architecture of Uluwatu Temple reflects the ancient Balinese style, characterised by intricate stone carvings and traditional Balinese gates.

Things to do in Uluwatu Temple

  • Enjoy the panoramic views and explore the temple premises.
  • Opt for one of the tours, like the Uluwatu Sunset Tour, to capture the mesmerising sunset.
  • Enjoy the mesmerising Kecak Dance performance at the temple’s cliffside amphitheatre during sunset.

2. Tanah Lot Temple

One can trace Tanah Lot Temple's origins to the 16th century when it got built by Dang Hyang Nirartha, a revered Hindu priest and traveller. According to local folklore, he chose the site for its spiritual energy and envisioned it as a place of worship dedicated to the sea gods. "Tanah Lot" means "land in the sea" in the local language, accurately describing the temple’s unique location on a rocky island surrounded by crashing waves.

The most iconic structure here is the Pura Penataran, a tiered pagoda-like shrine that stands as the focal point of the temple complex.

Things to do in Tanah Lot Temple

  • Admire the statue of the sea serpent Naga Basuki and other sculptures and exquisite carvings.
  • Enjoy the mellow glow of the sunset and click pictures of the temple bathed in the soft light of the setting sun.
  • Watch traditional Balinese dance performances near the temple.

3. Kuta Beach

Nestled on the western coast of Bali, Kuta Beach has a rich history rooted in its cultural significance and natural beauty. Originally a humble fishing village, it transformed into a popular tourist hotspot over the years. 

Kuta’s beachfront, lined with vibrant bars, restaurants, and shops, pulsates with day and night energy. Here, you can immerse yourself in the lively ambience and indulge in local cuisine or international delicacies.

Things to do in Kuta Beach

  • Catch the waves at Kuta Beach, known for its excellent surfing conditions.
  • Visit Beachwalk Mall near Kuta Beach for a unique shopping experience.
  • Discover local arts and crafts at Kuta Art Market.

4. Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest, also called “Mandala Suci Wenara Wana,” is a historical and cultural landmark and a must-visit destination when it comes to places to visit in Bali. Spread over 25 acres, the Ubud Monkey Forest is filled with tall trees and is home to over 700 long-tailed Balinese macaques.

As you explore the forest, you will discover three Hindu temples: Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, Pura Beji, and Pura Prajapati. The forest embodies the island’s “Tri Hita Karana” philosophy, which emphasises harmony between humans, nature, and the spiritual realm.

Things to do in Ubud Monkey Forest

  • Immerse yourself in the vibe of this mysterious forest dotted with statues and relics. 
  • Pose for those insta-worthy selfies or groupfies on the dragon staircases.
  • Cross the iconic Dragon Bridge, a visually stunning structure spanning a small Monkey Forest river.

5. Besakih Temple

Nestled on the southwestern slopes of Mount Agung, the highest peak in Bali, Besakih Temple occupies an expansive area. Its complex comprises more than 80 individual temples, each dedicated to different gods and deities of the Hindu pantheon. The primary temple, Pura Penataran Agung, is the focal point of worship and rituals.

Coming to its origin, popular belief states that the temple complex got established during the 8th century by a Hindu monk during the time of the ancient Balinese kingdom.

Things to do in Besakih Temple

  • Trek to Mount Agung
  • Visit the Great Temple of State in the centre of the temple’s premises.
  • Admire the multi-tiered Meru Towers, symbolising the Hindu universe, built in the form of pagodas.

Best Time to Visit Bali

If you’re looking at the best places to visit in Bali, the ideal time is from April to October, when the island gets blessed with clear skies, warm temperatures, and minimal rainfall. These months offer ideal conditions for beach activities and exploring Bali’s stunning landscapes. 

Alternatively, November to March offers a serene experience despite occasional rain showers. During this period, you can immerse yourself in Bal’s rich culture and witness traditional ceremonies and festivals.

Travel Insurance for Bali

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Before purchasing travel insurance, carefully review the coverage options and policy terms. Ensure that it includes medical expenses, emergency evacuation, trip interruption, and personal liability. Read the policy details to understand any exclusions or limitations.

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