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Best Places to Visit in Copenhagen

Unveil the vibrant beauty of Copenhagen, Denmark's cosmopolitan capital, as this article reveals the best places to visit in this dynamic city.

  • 25 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

Prepare to be enchanted and mesmerised in the land of fairy tales, the City of Spires. Labelled the happiest city in the world with beautiful palaces and magnificent churches strewn across it, the place is nothing short of an actual fairy tale. The city seamlessly blends rich history and modern metropolitan society. Out of the places to visit in Copenhagen, make sure to check out the vivid nightlife it offers, from traditional discos and ultra-modern venues to hip and trendy pubs and underground nightclubs. Indulge yourself in everything this city offers, explore the important historical sites by day, and party away at night! So let’s look at the best places to visit in Copenhagen:


Top Places to Visit in Copenhagen

  • Tivoli Gardens

  • Nyhavn Harbor

  • National Gallery of Denmark

  • Strøget

  • The Little Mermaid


  1. Tivoli Gardens

Being the world’s second-most renowned seasonal amusement park, it tops the list of Copenhagen places to visit. It is a theme park located in the city centre, offering something for every age group. The architecture, rich history and plush greenery ensure entertainment for all. It’s one of the best places to visit during Christmas, as one gets transported to a winter wonderland.

Things to do at Tivoli Gardens

  • Visit the park in the evening, and witness the garden beautifully illuminated by the colourful lighting, the sights that inspired Walt Disney.

  • Ride the park’s oldest, most famous wooden rollercoaster.

  • Up for an adventure? Explore the eerie hallways of Villa Vendetta, the country’s largest haunted house.

  • Ride “Vertigo” in the park, and as the name suggests, it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. Prepare to be flipped over at speeds nearing 100km/h. Bottoms up, literally!

  • Enjoy yourself at the open-air theatres and puppet shows. 

  1. Nyhavn (New) Harbour

This lakeside canal district, built in the 17th century, is one of Denmark’s best places to visit. It is a hotspot of activities during the summer months drawing large crowds of tourists. The riverscape gets lit up by vibrant buildings that have a tantalising effect on visitors, with streets lined with cafes and restaurants.

Things to do at Nyhavn

  • Make your way to the end of the harbour to see the anchor commemorating the lives of Danish soldiers lost during World War II.

  • Stop by small shops to buy souvenirs, relax and enjoy coffee in the charming cafes.

  • Take a guided boat tour, explore the canal, and enjoy food and drinks by the harbour. 

  1. National Gallery of Denmark (SMK-Statens Museum for Kunst)

Out of Copenhangen’s best places to visit, the national gallery bags the top spot. Perfect for art history buffs, it has everything from European Renaissance artworks to modern contemporary pieces, with art from Denmark and the rest of the world. You will find artworks dating back to the 14th century.

Things to do at the National Gallery

  • Enjoy a guided tour to gain insight into the artworks and styles throughout the centuries.

  • Witness live performances and concerts periodically organised in the gallery.

  • Stop by the Kafeteria, the in-house cafe well-known for its freshly baked bread and cakes, wind down, sip wine or grab lunch and coffee.

  • Enrol your kids in the Children’s workshop to get their creative juices flowing.

  • Buy a one-day ticket for free access to the permanent curated displays and the cafe.

  1. Strøget

Are you a shopaholic? Head to Copenhagen's most popular shopping destination and one of Europe's longest car-free pedestrian streets. You can find everything from contemporary and affordable fashion chains to the world's largest fashion houses and luxury brands here. Strøget is an eminent and sophisticated street located in the city centre, with several options to choose from, based on one’s budget and preferences.

Things to do in Strøget

  • Stroll along the bustling streets with the street musicians filling the air with sweet symphonies. 

  • Enjoy shows by street performers and acrobats.

  • Visit Legoland, satisfy the inner child in you, or keep your kids occupied.

  • Head to the Church of the Holy Ghost and visit the bookshop nearby to purchase books at extremely low prices.

  • Escape the city’s chaos, and enjoy a meal at the restaurants or cafes lining the busy street.

  1. The Little Mermaid

This is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Copenhagen, inspired by the fictional writings of Hans Christian Anderson. Carlsberg Breweries’ founder commissioned Envard Erkisen to build it after being spellbound by a ballet based on the story. It sits on a granite stone by the port in Nyhavn Harbour’s old district. 

Things to do near the Little Mermaid Statue

  • Visit in the early morning, and click a selfie with the beautiful statuette, avoiding the crowd.

  • Head to Langelinie Marina, the boulevard adjacent to the famous harbour where the sculpture sits.

  • Walk to Kastellet, a star-shaped fortress, one of Northern Europe’s most well-preserved heritage sites. Unwind and have a picnic.

  • Walk to Amalienborg Palace (the royal family’s official residence).


Best Time to Visit Copenhagen

You may plan your trip during the peak season is summer (June-August), with long days and sunset around 10 p.m. Temperatures average 60s with bright and sunny weather and chances of downpours. There are many carnivals and festivals at this time, attracting many.

Spring season (March-May) has a mild climate and is less crowded, with temperatures between the 40s and 50s and cheaper travel and accommodation.

The off-season in the winter (December-February) is chilly and cosy, with temperatures around the 30s. Due to fewer crowds, travel and accommodation are available at the cheapest prices. The churches and marketplaces are beautifully decorated and illuminated during Christmas, making it the perfect winter destination.


Travel Insurance for Copenhagen

When travelling to Copenhagen, it’s important to consider purchasing travel insurance. If you require a Schengen Visa to visit Denmark, travel insurance is mandatory. Moreover, it provides financial protection in case of unforeseen events, such as trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical emergencies, or travel delays. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind and help minimise potential financial burdens during your trip. Carefully review the policy details, including coverage limits and exclusions, before deciding.

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