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Best Places to Visit in Porto

Discover the charms of Porto, Portugal's picturesque city, as this article unveils the best places to visit in this captivating destination.

  • 24 Jul 2023
  • 3 min read

If you are looking for the best location in Porto this holiday, you must do some research. Here, we can assist you in finding memorable destinations. This city in Portugal is vibrant. It is famous for its lively atmosphere. The weather stays mild all seasons. You can appreciate several architectural marvels, art pieces, and more. 

The city allows various things to do in Porto, such as tasting port wine, seeing colourful buildings, and more. When you are in Porto, you must consider other things too. Be prepared beforehand for a safe and smooth trip to Porto. Let’s look at the top 5 places to visit in Porto.


Top Places to Visit in Porto

  • Ribeira District

  • Dom Luis I Bridge

  • São Bento Station

  • Clérigos Tower

  • Porto Cathedral


  1. Ribeira District

This picturesque riverside neighbourhood is known for its colourful buildings. You can explore its narrow alleys. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. It offers stunning views of the Douro River. We recommend you indulge in local cuisine. Soak in the vibrant ambience along the Douro River. Ribeira District truly captures the essence of this historic city. It is a must-visit destination for those exploring Porto. 

Things to Do at Ribeira District

  • You can visit the Ribeira Market and sample the local produce. 

  • Take a boat tour of the Douro River.

  • Explore the narrow streets and alleyways.

  • Stroll along the waterfront and take in the sights and sounds of the city.

  1. Dom Luís I Bridge

This bridge is a majestic double-deck metal arch bridge that links the city of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. It finds its place among Porto’s most iconic landmarks. You can add it to the list of Porto places to visit. It offers stunning views of the city. The bridge, designed by Théophile Seyrig, got completed in 1886. There is no fee to walk or bike across the bridge.

Things to Do at Dom Luís I Bridge

  • Bike or walk across the bridge to get some exercise. Appreciate the scenic views of the Douro River.

  • Take a photo of the bridge at night.

  • Visit wineries in Vila Nova de Gaia for Port wine tasting.

  1. São Bento Station

Porto’s São Bento Station is renowned for its stunning tile work. This train station depicts Portugal’s history. Admire the intricate blue and white Azulejo tiles as you navigate the station. The station, built in the early 20th century, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a captivating blend of a transportation hub and an artistic masterpiece.

Things to Do at São Bento Station

  • Explore the station’s architecture, blending classic and contemporary elements.

  • Witness the arrival and departure of trains, immersing yourself in the bustling atmosphere.

  • Discover hidden shops and cafes within the station for unique finds and refreshments.


  1. Clérigos Tower

This tower offers sweeping views of Porto’s historic centre. The Clérigos Tower is a prominent landmark. It is a 75.6-meter-tall bell tower in Porto built by Nicolau Nasoni in the 18th century. You can climb its 240 steps for a unique perspective of the city’s rooftops. You can also see new sides of churches and the Douro River. Hence, this tower is a must-see attraction for panoramic enthusiasts.

Things to Do at Clérigos Tower

  • Visit the Clérigos Church, located next to the tower.

  • Learn about the history of the tower and the church at the museum.

  • Take a break in the beautiful gardens that surround the tower.

  1. Porto Cathedral

Another place to see in this city is Porto Cathedral. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral and among the oldest churches in the city. It is also known as Sé do Porto. You can admire its stunning architecture and ornate interiors. You can also see numerous religious artefacts like relics of the True Cross.

Things to Do at Porto Cathedral


  • You can take a walk through the cathedral’s gardens. 

  • You can witness the unique scenery of the city from the cathedral’s rooftop. 

  • Learn about the history of the cathedral at the on-site museum.

  • Attend a religious service to experience the cathedral’s spiritual ambience.


Best Time to Visit Porto

You can see fewer tourists in Porto during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. You can visit this place in these seasons to enjoy it peacefully. Moreover, the weather is also mild during that time. Enjoy the blossoming flowers. A boat tour of the Douro River allows you to explore the city from a different perspective. 

Travel Insurance for Porto

Once you have found the best places to visit in Porto, it’s time for you to consider a safe journey. Travel insurance is mandatory if you require a Schengen Visa. It will also financially protect you from various unexpected events. It also gives you peace of mind, and you can enjoy your trip better. However, when buying travel insurance, you must consider a few things like its features and exclusions. 

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