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Exploring Higher Education Abroad? Discover Your Path with These Tips

Considering higher education abroad? Discover essential tips for a successful academic journey in this article.

  • 03 Oct 2013
  • 3 min read

If you too are planning to study abroad, you must make sure you are completely prepared for it. Research shows there is a rise of 2.56 % in the number of students going abroad in the past 10 years.


There are certain aspects if carefully considered, your experience of studying abroad will be a pleasant experience. Here’s a checklist so that you don't miss out on the most important ones:



Make sure your Passport is valid for a sufficient amount of time. Ideally 6 months is a good time before expiry to apply for renewal, to be on a safer side.



You have to be very sure to check and sort all your visa related documents before leaving the country.


Follow few simple steps to get a student visa.


  1. Appear for an academic test, and clear the same.
  2. Get yourself registered in a recognised College /University.
  3. Apply for the student Visa.


You can even ask your university for assistance with Visa formalities.



Listing down all expenses is a good exercise. Make a list of all expenses; don’t forget to include expenses related to food, travel and entertainment. Make sure to get an account in the bank that offers you international cash cards.


International Study Identity Card (ISIC)

Holding an ISIC card entitles you to lot of discounts around the world including Travel, Insurance; phone calls etc. make sure you get one.



A major necessity for international students. Carefully choose a Travel Insurance policy that will cover you against travel, medical expenses and valuable belongings in case of theft. Insurance cost is India is 1/3rd the price of the schemes overseas.



Visit your local doctors for a complete medical check-up before leaving the country. It’s also advisable to get yourself vaccinated and carry all relevant medical documents.


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Make sure you learn the basic native language of the place of study.



It will be an economical option to purchase metro cards or airline tickets well in advance to travel within the country.


Get your overseas education financed by loan: following is the eligibility criteria for loan approval.


  1. You need to be an Indian citizen.
  2. You should have secured admission / Registration to a professional course abroad.
  3. Preferable age is between 16- 35 years.
  4. For loan of more than 7,50,000 you will have to submit a collateral security.
  5. In case you have opted for a full time course, co- applicant is required.
  6. You need to submit copies of your academic certificates.
  7. Age and identity proofs are required.
  8. You will have to produce all income related documents.


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