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How To Renew Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

Renew your two-wheeler insurance hassle-free online. No agents needed, just enter your details and pay. Mobile apps available for even more convenience. No need for physical documents or inspections.

  • 04 Apr 2017
  • 2 min read

Switching to renewing two-wheeler insurance online is an easy and hassle-free process

You are no longer required to approach a general insurance agent or go to the insurance company’s office to renew the insurance cover for your two-wheeler. Insurance companies have policy purchase modules on their websites where you can renew policies. Also competing for the online insurance pie are a recent addition – the web aggregators. Insurance companies have also begun to launch mobile applications or apps where policy renewal transactions can be carried out.

Online Renewal

It has become a breeze to renew your two-wheeler insurance. Most insurance companies just require you to provide the two-wheeler registration number, and the rest of the information gets auto filled. It is the same when you renew your two-wheeler policies on the websites of web aggregators. But make sure the data that is automatically filled from your expiring two-wheeler policy is correct. If there is a change in your address, ensure that you correct it. It is important to provide the latest and correct information to your insurance company. Any information that has changed since the earlier policy needs to be updated at the time of renewal.

On paying the premium online, the two-wheeler policy gets digitally generated. Save the digital policy document so that you can access it later when required. A physical copy of the policy document should be kept along with other two-wheeler documents that are required while riding.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have facilities similar to the ones provided by insurance companies on their websites. Renewing two-wheeler policies online are easy. Mobile apps take that convenience to a different level. The precautions to be taken and information to be provided are not too different from the experience of renewing two-wheeler policies online.

If you are still not hooked on to the convenience of renewing your two wheeler insurance online or through mobile apps, the good old general insurance agent is still available. In offline mode, you’ll have to fill an application. Each and every information required is needed to be filled manually, a stark contrast to the online mode wherein your two-wheeler policy details are automatically loaded.

In the offline mode, if you are paying the premium by cheque, then the policy may not be instantly issued. The insurance company will wait till your cheque gets cleared, a process which sometimes takes several days to happen.

If you are renewing your policy online, insurance companies will not ask for any documentary proof of ownership of vehicle, address, etc. Even if you have forgotten to renew your two-wheeler policy in time, insurance companies will not ask the surveyor to come and inspect your vehicle. This is another benefit of renewing your two-wheeler insurance through the online channel.

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