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ICICI Lombard offers comprehensive home insurance – to safeguard both the structure and content of your home financially – against natural calamities. With our home insurance policy, you can get coverage for your home for up to 10 years for structure and 5 years for structure and content.

For most of us, a home is a culmination of a lifetime of dreams, aspirations and hard work. Beyond the brick and mortar structure, there are several untold stories of sweat, sacrifice and saving. The cosiness, warmth and love a home offers can never be found elsewhere. Because there’s no place like home.

Like other parts of the Indian landscape, your home is also prone to calamities such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. To protect one of your biggest assets, why settle for less than the best? Choose ICICI Lombard home insurance and be assured of peace of mind for your dream shelter.

Statistics: Natural Calamities

India has witnessed several natural calamities in the last decade, which have resulted in loss of thousands of lives as well as assets worth crores. The 2015 Chennai floods resulted in a loss of approximately ` 25,000 crores. The insured losses were accounted at approximately `  5,000 crores, which is around 20% of the total economic loss.

The Cyclone Hudhud in 2014 resulted in the evacuation of close to 3,50,000 people and loss of several lives. The economic losses were calculated around ` 45,000 crores with insured losses accounting for only about 10% of the amount. The Jammu and Kashmir floods of 2014, considered one of the worst disasters in the last century, restricted access to basic services for more than a million people. The economic loss was evaluated at approximately `  5,000 crores, and the insured loss was less than 10% of this.

Source: IRDAI Disaster Management Journal March 2016, FICCI India Risk Survey 2015

Benefits of ICICI Lombard Home Insurance


Cover your home against losses due to theft, burglary, terrorism, etc.


Stay protected against water seepage and resultant damages


Protect your home content like electronics, furniture and avail 25% discount


Secure your home against natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, storms, etc.


You get a massive 50% discount when you opt for a 10 year structure cover


Cover damages due to fire or allied perils


Protect your jewellery with our All-Risk Cover and stay worry-free

Claims Procedure for Home Insurance

In case of a claim:


step 1

Call us on our 24x7 toll free insurance helpline – 1800 2666


step 2

The company authenticates the claim request


step 3

A surveyor is sent to the site within 48 hours


step 4

The surveyor submits a report to the company within 72 hours on returning from the site


step 5

On receipt of the necessary documents, the claim is processed within 7 days

Customer Reviews


Sharon D'souza

I was at home when the 2015 Chennai floods hit. The two walls of our house crumbled due to the sheer force of nature. If I had not taken ICICI Lombard's home insurance, we would have had to pay from own pockets.


Shalini Batra

Our city faced extreme thunderstorms 3 months back. There were several media warnings to stay indoors. Lightning struck our house, and damaged it partially. It was a blessing that my father had bought ICICI Lombard's house insurance; the team helped us get back on our feet.


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