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Mexico Visa Guide: Eligibility, Documents & Process for Indians

About Mexico

Mexico is famous around the globe for a variety of reasons. However, the third-largest country in North America, offers a variety of place for you to visit, not just as a tourist but also for work and studies. The official language spoken in Mexico is Spanish. Mexico City is not only the capital of the nation but also the one with largest population.

Why is Mexico visa needed?

Mexico visa for Indians is mandatory for all except if a person has obtained or can obtain a Blue Tourist Card for tourism on direct flights, at the port of entry or from the Mexican Consulate before travelling.

If the applicant holds any visa of US, Canada, UK, Japan, Schengen visas (any nationality) or having permanent residence of US, Canada, UK, Japan, Schengen Pacific Alliance (Colombia, Chile, Peru) will not require a Mexico visa if the purpose of travel is tourism, business or transit. The duration of stay should not exceed 180 days provided the applicant presents the documents needed at the point of entry.

Mexico Visa Eligibility

To be eligible for Mexico visa, Indians need to comply with the following criteria.

  • The applicant should have a valid passport
  • The passport should have the validity of at least three months that extends the duration of visa applied.
  • The applicant should possess the visa application form that is completed.
  • The applicant should have adequate funds to ensure financial stability during the stay and for the applicant's return transportation.
  • The applicant should have a copy of the tour ticket
  • The applicant should be able to provide a bank statement of the previous six months to ensure financial stability.
  • The applicant must have proof of being a permanent resident of India.
  • The applicant should have the intention of leaving Mexico at the end of the last stay so specified.

Mexico Application Process:

Step 1: The applicant will have to arrange the documents as per the need since there are types of visas available, requirements of which may differ. The applicant has to apply accordingly.

Step 2: The next step is to book an appointment through MEXITEL and should fill the relevant details as in the language, country, date of meeting etc. All the relevant details and procedures are mentioned.

Step 3: The applicant then will have to pay for Mexico visa fee application, which should be done prior to the document submission at the following bank accounts:


Punjab National Bank

Name: Consular Section Embassy of Mexico

Account number: 0994 0021 0002 1398


Kotak Mahindra Bank

Name: Embassy of Mexico Consular

Account Number 9011770438

IFSC Code: KKBK0000182

The applicant should include passport number

Mexico visa cost may however differ.

Step 4: If the applicant has booked the appointment, then a confirmation letter will be received. The documents and receipt must be brought at the time of appointment.

Step 5: Visa processing generally takes 24-48 hours once the visa application is confirmed.

Apart from following the application process, the following things must be taken care of:

  • It is advisable to apply well in advance, say at least 3-4 week prior so that there is a reasonable time for Mexico visa requirement to complete.
  • The applicant should take due care while filling the application form and accurate details should be filled up.
  • All the documents to be submitted must be accurate and fair in all means when the visa application is provided at the Mexico Consulate.
  • The facts should not be suppressed or misrepresented in the application.
  • The applicant document should not take the risk of presenting false documents.

Mexico Tourist Visa

You will need a Mexico tourist visa if you wish to visit Mexico on a vacation or if it is a social visit. People looking to meet with friends or family need to apply for a Mexico tourist visa online.

Tourist Visa Requirements:

To avail tourist visa following documents the applicant shall have to submit:

  • The applicant must have an old passport and together with its original passport which is valid for a duration of six months from the date the person is planning to travel.
  • The applicant should also submit the application form duly filled in. It must be accurate, and no false information must be presented.
  • Two photographs.
  • Covering letter stating the purpose of visa.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Proof of return ticket.
  • Bank statement of the preceding six months wherein there should be seal and sign by the bank. It is paramount that the name of the applicant should be the same in the Bank statements and passport.
  • The applicant should also present Income Tax paper of last three years
  • Salary slip of the previous three months
  • Copy of passport 1st and second page

However, the embassy or consulates have the right to ask for a further document or may even ask the person to appear in person. It takes an average three weeks depending on the nationality to get a visa issued.

Validity: since it is a tourist visa, the validity of the same is for 180 days, not exceeding that.

Basic Types of Mexico Visas:

Owing to the requirements of different applicants there are different types of Mexico Visas that enable applicants of different purpose to travel to Mexico for whatsoever need.

Mexico Tourist Visa:

Mexico has been one of the most visited places, and due to the many numbers of tourists visiting the country, the income level is very much high. Mexico has a fantastic list of sites that attract tourists from all over the World and is considered as one of the amazing destinations for spending the vacation.

Mexico Business Visa:

Since India and Mexico are the members of the United Nations and G-20 major economies and also the bilateral trade relations between the countries is growing at a fast pace and is quite evident from the business that is set up in Mexico.

Many big players have already set up business in Mexico, creating many employment opportunities. IT companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Hexaware and further many pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy; Sun Pharma are the big names in Mexico. It is quite evident that many business opportunities are available in Mexico. Many people who see Mexico as a career building place, apply for a business visa.

Mexico Business Visa Requirements:

To avail Business visa following documents the applicant shall have to submit:

  • Online application duly filled in the information must be accurate. Every information must not be suppressed or misrepresented.
  • Two photographs of the applicant are necessary to further the process.
  • Covering letter providing the details of the applicant and the purpose of applying for the business visa.
  • Return ticket.
  • Visiting card should also be presented.
  • Bank statement of previous six months having the sign and stamp by the bank. It must be taken care of that name of the person must be the same in Bank statements and also in passbook.
  • The applicant should also present Income Tax paper for the last three years.
  • Salary slip of the last preceding three months.
  • It is also necessary that letter from the chamber of commerce should also be presented.
  • On white A4 sheet, name and fingerprint of both the index finger and down that write left-hand finger right-hand finger.

An applicant may also be required to attend the personally at an embassy. Embassy or Consulate may ask for more documents other than the documents mentioned above.

Important points to be taken care of:

However, there are points that should be taken care of or kept in mind:

  • The applicant applying for Mexico must have to present himself for the biometric process. In other words, the applicant must come for the personal meeting which is one the Mexico visa requirements. A prior appointment should be taken.
  • The person who wants to apply for Mexico visa, should ensure that name on all documents be it the covering letter, be it Invite letter, be it a Bank statement or Income Tax return.
  • Spouses who are dependent financially on the applicant, apostille of marriage certificate.
  • If the children of the applicant are under twenty-five years of age and are dependent financially on the applicant, a birth certificate duly attested should be presented.
  • If the applicant is holding UK, US, Canada and Schengen Visas, there is no requirement to apply for Mexico Visa online or physical.

Mexico Student Visa:

Apart from being an attractive tourist destination and place full of business opportunities, Mexico does offer high-quality study programs for students on Indian national to pursue higher education, and for students who want to have a bright future after pursuing higher education, Mexico is the right place.

It has made its education system impressive, and some of the recognized universities of Mexico offer a high-quality educational program for students who want to pursue higher education. However, to take the advantages of the prestigious courses so provided by Mexico, a Student visa is a must.


Mexico visa for Indians is mandatory for all except if a person has obtained or can obtain a Blue Tourist Card for tourism on direct flights, at the port of entry or from the Mexican Consulate before travelling.

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Types of Student Visa:

The visa depends on the duration of stay; the applicant decides to stay depending on the course requirement.

If the course chosen requires days not exceeding 180 days, then the person may apply for a visitor student visa.

However, if the duration is for more than 180 days, then the applicant may apply for a temporary resident student visa. The validity of the temporary resident student visa is for one year. It also can get renewed for a period not exceeding three years after the first year.

Application Process for student Visa:

The applicant shall have to visit personally Mexican consulate for the Mexican student visa.

The applicant must book an appointment online and should download the visa application form the website of the consulate. There is no way to apply for Mexico visa online; India’s students need to submit the hardcopy of the application.

The form should be filled in duly and accurately. After that visa application along with the required documents should be submitted. The visa fee should be paid to the Mexican consulate on the day of the appointment.

After the temporary resident card is approved, the applicant must apply for a temporary resident card at the immigration office in Mexico within 30 days of entry in Mexico.

Documents Required for a student visa:

To avail student visa for Mexico, the applicant should submit the following documents:

  • The applicant should download the application form and fill it accurately.
  • The applicant must have a valid passport and copy of first, last and all pages where stamps are present. Advisable to have copies of all pages.
  • Photograph of passport size having a white background. ( latest and should not have glasses)
  • Original letterhead sheet issued from the Educational Institution which in further must be addressed to the Consulate General of Mexico in San Diego wherein details like person's full name, an area of study and degree that an applicant wishes to pursue, accepted course name, duration of the course and total cost likely to occur. It is compulsory that the letter be signed by an Official Representative and there should be the identification data of the educational institution issuing the letter.
  • Documents that essentially prove the economic solvency to ensure that there will be adequate funds to carry out the course and other expenses(accommodation, meal, private tuitions etc.).
  • The applicant will have to submit the original and copy of the three lasts bank statements or investment with the full name reflecting the minimum balance of approximately $400/- US dollar (Rs 2,84,240).
  • Documents both original and copy stating that the applicant is employed, has pension or academic right and has a monthly income of approximately $ 400.00 US dollar (Rs 28,424) after deducting taxes during the preceding three months.
  • The processing fee for the application is approximately $36/- US dollar (Rs 2558.16/-) that is acceptable only by cash or money order.

Mexico Transit Visa:

Mexico transit visa is issued to those applicants who are travelling to Mexico for transit, technical activities, sports activities, religion or journalism.

The applicant can stay in Mexico for a period not exceeding 180 days.

The applicant should not have a contract or work permit with the employer or company of Mexico.

Mexico Work Visa:

The applicant will be required to apply to the local office of the National Immigration Institute in Mexico.

Documents Required:

  • Passport original that is valid for six months, the copy of the first and last page vertical.
  • Evidence of legal stay if the applicant holds other nationality.
  • Application form duly filled in should be submitted.
  • Authorization letter copy from National Immigration Institute.
  • The cover letter is given by the employer showing the purpose.
  • Employment letter from the employer in Mexico.
  • A recent photograph of passport size

The applicant should be personally present for the interview and biometric process. If all the requirements are fulfilled, then it may be issued shortly. Though the visa is granted but the entry shall be allowed only if Immigration authorities grant. Consular may even ask for additional documents.

Mexico Visa Fees:

For tourist visa single entry approximately Rs. 9678.82/- and for multiple entry Rs. 9678.82/- and for a business visa for only entry Rs. 14398/- and multiple entry Rs. 14398 approximately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions while applying for visa.

Is it necessary to take Visa for Mexico?

If you hold a visa of US, UK, Japan, Canada, Schengen visas (any nationality) or having permanent residence of US, Canada, UK, Japan, Schengen Pacific Alliance (Colombia, Chile, Peru), then there is no requirement of applying for a visa. Otherwise, you will you need to have a valid visa to visit Mexico.

What is the duration of stay for a Tourist Visa?

The duration should not exceed 180 days.

Is it necessary to take travel insurance?

It is always recommendable to take travel insurance for every trip. It is most recommended for international trips to ensure that you never face problems if facing an emergency in an unknown country. With ICICI Lombard General Insurance, you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits such as 24x7 customer support and quick claims.

Is it necessary to book an appointment for applying for Mexico visa?

Yes, it is necessary to book an appointment.

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