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Denmark Visa Guide: Eligibility, Documents, Process for Indians


Chile is one of the most interesting countries in the world, in terms of its geography. Chile looks like a thin strip of land on the western coast of South America continent. It stretches almost 4270 km from North to South but even with such a massive length, Chile averages only 177 km in width, from East to West. It extents to the southern tip of South America, up to the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Oceans converge.

In the North, Chile has borders with Peru & Bolivia and In the East it has along border with Chile which extends to the Southwards till the end of the land. In the West, there is the majestic Pacific Ocean and in the East there is the Andes mountain range. Entire Chile is concealed between these two natural marvels. Even in such a narrow territory, there are so many different terrains and climatic conditions, which make Chile really unique.

In the Great Far North region, there is the desert plateau of Atacama and ice-capped mountains of Andes; but if you go to the Far South Austral region, there are vast swathes of tundra lands around Chonos Archipelago. The capital of Chile is Santiago and it is situated in the center of Chile. The central part of Chile is home to the majority of the population and most of the metro cities of Chile. Central Chile exists in the valley of two mountain ranges - Andes mountain range and the Chilean Coastal mountain range. Chile offers you an amazing cultural, culinary and climatic experience. Here is the complete Travel and Visa Guide for Chile.

Application Process

The Visa process for Chile can be done Online only. The applications are not accepted through courier/ post. There are four main types of Chile Visa that a foreigner can apply for...

1. Tourist Visa and Business Visa [VISIM, VISMUL and VISMUL - Business]

2. Work Visa subject to Contract [VISCONTI and VISCONDE]

3. Student Visa and [VISESTI and VISESDE]

4. Temporary Residence Visa [VISRETI and VISREDE]

If an applicant wishes to obtain a Visa for recreational, sports, health, business, family, religious or other similar purposes, he/ she can apply for the VISIM (Simple Tourism) or VISMUL (Multiple Tourism) categories. Under these categories, immigration, residence or business activities are not allowed. In case, the applicant wants to engage in business activities, he/ she can apply for the VISMUL - Business (Multiple Business) category. Please note that these categories are applicable for Indian nationals only. VISMUL - Business Visa are not available for Bangladeshi, Nepalese and Sri Lankan nationals.

- The Visa application for Chile can be submitted online only. Applicants can visit this link to apply for the Chile Visa.

- There are six main sections of the application form and the applicant needs to furnish correct information in all the fields marked with ‘*’. Furnishing false information will lead to rejection of the application.

- Section 1 - Details of trip: Fill all the details requested in the form such as your birth date, passport details, trip details, and most importantly - select the correct category of Visa for application. Indian nationals can select ‘Nueva Delhi, Seccion Consular’ as their choice of Consulate Office for submitting the Visa application.

- Once you select the Visa category, the online portal will show the details of the Visa category, Visa fees and Visa validity on the screen.

- Section 2 - Applicant’s identification: Fill in the details of your personal information for identification such as names, gender, birth place, nationality of origin, and appearance. Fill the names as they appear on the passport only, any mismatch may lead to cancellation of the application.

- Section 3 - Contact and Family: Fill in the details about your residence address, contact number, marital status, and family’s details such as names, surnames, nationalities and country of residence. Make sure that the names you enter here are the same as mentioned in the passport.

- Section 4 - General Description: Select the appropriate category for your educational and professional information. The applicant also needs to furnish at least one contact in chile. Fill in details such as name, nationality, address, contact number, and the type of relationship with the contact in Chile.

- Section 5 - Activity in Chile: Furnish the details of your activity such as type of activity, name, address and city of activity in Chile. Also, add the details of your other foreign trips in the past, if any.

- Section 6 - Attached Documents: This is the most important part of the application process. The applicant needs to attach their photograph, passport and other relevant documents as per their Visa category. The applicant’s photograph must be at least 90 pixels (w) x 120 pixels (h), and it must be below 100 kb in size. The face must be clearly covering 70% - 80 % of the photograph. The attachments can be in JPG or PDF format.

- The documents issued in India, must be apostilled by the competent authority from the Ministry of External Affairs - India.

- At the end of the application process, the portal will display an application summary, which you can print or save for your future reference.

- After the online Visa application is processed, the Visa officials may ask the applicant to appear for a person interview, if required. The personal appearance may be waived off for the outstation applicants upon furnishing a duly notarized Authority Letter in the form of Power of Attorney.

- After your Visa application is successfully processed and approved, the applicant must pay the Visa fees as per the regulations of the Consular Office. Based on the Consular Exchange Rate fixed by the Consular Section, the applicant also needs to pay the dollar currency difference charges (which is usually 10%).

- The applicant has 90 days to pay the fees and other charges, either in cash or through bank deposit, and enter Chile as per the conditions of Visa.

Documents Required:

- Scan copy of the front and the last page of the Passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Chile.

- The applicant needs to attach a covering letter describing the reasons behind his/ her visit to Chile.

- The applicant needs to attach a Police Clearance Certificate that is issued by competent local authority. Also, the Police Clearance Certificate should not be older than 6 months and it must be authenticated and apostilled by competent authority.

- Round-trip flight ticket booking for Chile

- If the purpose of visit to Chile is tourism, the applicant needs to attach the hotel booking details along with the application.

- Documents establishing the financial security of the applicant such as bank statements, Income Tax Return, etc.

- If applicable, the applicant needs to furnish the original invitation letter/ sponsorship letter, on the letterhead, clearly mentioning the name, address and contact number of the contact in Chile. The letter must be notarized by competent authority too.

- If applicable, the applicant needs to submit a letter of recommendation from the organization he/she is working with; membership certificate or letter of recommendation from relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry such as FICCI, CII, FIEO, ITPO, Export Promotion Council, etc.

- The applicant should also attach the copies of Visa obtained in the past from Chile or any other country.

- Also, it is advisable to attach a recent medical certificate, duly signed and stamped by a competent medical authority in the last 6 months.

Important Update for Indian citizens

Since April 01, 2019, all Indian travellers who hold a valid USA Green Card, B1/ B2 Visa or a Resident Permit valid at least for the next 6 months, do not need to obtain Chilean Visa such as Tourist Visa and Business Visa [VISIM, VISMUL and VISMUL - Business].

This provision is not applicable to the USA Transit Visa.

Fees for Chile Visa:

For Indian Nationals, the fees for VISIM Visa - valid for 90 days, is approx. 50 USD. The applicant can enter Chile only once using this Visa.

The fees for VISMUL Visa - valid for 90 days, is approx. 81 USD; and the fees for VISMUL - Business Visa - valid for 180 days, is approx. 81 USD. The applicant can enter and exit multiple times during the validity period of Visa.


Chile is one of the most interesting countries in the world, in terms of its geography.

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How much do I need to pay for my Chilean Visa?

The fees for a Chilean visa are 50 USD for Indian nationals. However, if you hold a valid US Green card that is valid for at least 6 months, you can enter Chile without a visa.

1. What are the documents needed to secure my Chilean Visa?

Some of the main documents required for obtaining a Chilean Visa include a valid passport, round-trip flight tickets, a police clearance certificate, and a letter mentioning the purpose of your visit.

2. What is the best time to visit Chile?

Avoid visiting the country during the winter as it can get as cold as -15C/5F, while the best time to visit would be Spring and Autumn, which is around March and April.

3. Do I need travel insurance while in Chile?

Travel insurance is not mandatory, it is essential for ensuring that your financial assets are safeguarded during unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, loss of baggage and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions while applying for visa.

What kinds of medical coverage’s are provided??

The following medical expenses are covered:

  • Travel insurance includes medical expenses, repatriation, and emergency medical evacuation. Even dental care expenses such as acute anesthetic treatment of teeth are covered.

What is a deductible?

“Deductible”means a cost-sharing requirement under this policy, that provides that the insurer will not be liable for a specified rupee amount or percentage of claim amount or number of days or number of hours, as specified in the policy schedule and which will apply before any benefits are payable by the insurer. A deductible does not reduce the sum insured and is applicable per event, upto the specified limits mentioned.

What Is Not Covered Under the Travel Insurance Plan?

  • Medical Expenses (inclusive of Repatriation and Emergency Medical Evacuation), Daily Allowance in case of hospitalization, Compassionate Visit benefits, the following will not be payable for Any pre-existing condition, Routine examinations, Expenses for rest or recuperation at spa/ health resort/ sanatorium, Pregnancy (including childbirth, miscarriage, abortion or related complications ) or treatment relating to the removal of physical flaws or anomalies (cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery).
  • Cosmetic surgery, unless such cosmetic surgery is rendered medically necessary as part of treatment for accidents and burns whilst being abroad.
  • Suicide, attempted or wilfully self inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder, anxiety, stress or depression, venereal disease, alcoholism, drunkenness or the abuse of drugs, or any loss arising, directly or indirectly, from any injury, illness, death, loss, expense, or other liability attributable to HIV and/or any HIV related illness including AIDS and/or any mutant derivative or variation thereof however caused.
  • Treatment which could be reasonably delayed until the Insured’s return to India, which will be decided jointly by the treating Physician and the Emergency Assistance Service Provider and shall be in accordance with accepted standards of medical care.
  • The Insured taking part in naval, military or air force operations; war and nuclear perils.
  • Insured engaging in air travel unless he or she flies as a Fare Paying passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers.
  • Participation of the Insured in winter sports, mountaineering and such other professional sports or any other hazardous or potentially dangerous sport for which the Insured members are adequately trained, physically fit and using proper equipment. and that too only if specifically agreed and mentioned in the policy schedule.
  • Hazardous occupation, or if engaged in any criminal or illegal act.
  • Medical Expenses in respect of Experimental, investigational or unproven treatments or treatments which are not consistent with or incidental to the diagnosis and treatment of the positive existence or presence of any Illness for which confinement is required at a Hospital. Any Illness or treatment which is a result or a consequence of undergoing such experimental or unproven treatment.
  • Naturopathy treatment.
  • Non Allopathic treatment e.g. - Ayurvedic, Yogic, Homeopathic, Unani treatment(s).
  • Under no circumstances shall this insurance contract be deemed to provide cover and no liability be incurred to pay any claim or provide any benefit hereunder to the extent that the provision of such cover, payment of such claim or provision of such benefit would expose us to any sanction, prohibition, or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom, United States of America & India

You can avail the Travel Insurance online and enjoy the benefits offered by ICICI Lombard General Insurance (Bharti AXA General Insurance*)

What Is Covered Under Travel Insurance?

Loss of passport and documents:

Reimbursement of actual expenses incurred in connection with obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport or reasonable cost of replacing/obtaining the stolen documents/ tickets if the passport belonging to the Insured / Insured Person be lost

Home Fire Insurance Contents & Home Burglary Insurance (contents):

Cover against any loss or damage of the Contents at Home of the Insured in India caused by Fire and Allied perils or through burglary and/or housebreaking while the Insured is on a trip abroad.

Hijack Distress Allowance

Payment of distress allowance in case of hijack of a common carrier for more than certain number of hours whilst on the trip. You can easily avail the allowance by filing a claim online through Travel Insurance cover online process.

Medical Expensesinclusive of Repartration  and Emergency Medical Evacuation

If you are sick or injured during the journey, your medical expenses can prove to be costly. In such cases,  Travel Insurance cover greatly helps. The insurance company also offers a cashless settlement with the network hospitals or you can also opt for the reimbursement process within 30 days of hospitalization.

Legal Expenses

Payment of legal costs and expenses incurred by the Insured towards claims from third Parties for compensation in respect of death or disablement arising due to an injury whilst on a trip abroad.

Personal Accident

Payment of compensation if the Insured sustains accidental bodily injury during a trip resulting in death or Permanent Total Disablement or Permanent Partial Disablement within 12 months of occurrence of such injury.

Trip Cancellation/Or Interruption

Payment towards the non-refundable prepaid payments incurred on the trip being cancelled and additional cost of transportation in case of Interruption: due to medical problems, personal employment problems or natural disasters or other listed reason in policy wordings.

Trip Delay

 Reimbursement of additional expenses if trip is delayed beyond a period, due to airline problems, medical problems, personal employment problems or natural disasters.

 Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalisation

 Payment of daily allowance for the days the Insured is hospitalised beyond a specified number of days, as mentioned in the Policy Schedule, for which a valid claim is admissible under the Policy whilst on a trip abroad.Emergency Accommodation

 Payment of compensation for the additional cost of emergency accommodation if the Insured/ Insured Person could not stay in the accommodation originally booked due to ­fire& flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, explosion, outbreak of major infectious diseases.

Why do I need Travel insurance?

During a trip there are chances of unfortunate events such as loss of checked in baggage, medical emergency, loss of passport that can spoil your international trip, be it business or leisure. Travel insurance can protect you from such events ensuring that you are left stuck in foreign land.

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