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Jordan Visa Guide: Eligibility, Documents & Process for Indians


Jordan located on the Arabian Peninsula is also known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. However, the country is named after the river Jordan which is also known as the lifeline of the country. Jordan, as a tourist destination, has plenty to offer. Al-Siq, Wadi Rum, Colonnaded Street, The Treasury, and Dead Sea are just some of the most famous tourist destinations in the country.

Here are a few things that you should know before visiting the nation of Jordan. Jordanian Dinar (JD) is the official currency while Arabic is the official language, but English is still widely used.

Jordan’s industrial sector comprise mining and quarrying and manufacturing sector, including cement, fertilizer and petroleum. Agriculture and fishing are also playing a significant role in the socio-economic development of Jordan. Jordan work visa is essential to enter Jordan as an employee.


A Jordan visa is a legal document issued to foreign nationals entering Jordan for a range of purpose. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions in foreign soils looks into the subjects pertaining to the issuance of Jordan visa to foreign nationals, including the Indians. Passport of the native country is definitely required to enter the Kingdom of Jordan.

The passport you are possessing must be valid for at least six months. In case of contingency, this rider can be waived off.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has in place unambiguous guidelines with respect to visa. Foreign nationals planning to avail Jordan visa are requested to go through the instructions, many apprehensions, queries weaving in your mind have been answered there.


Foreign nationals from across the globe are showing a deep inclination towards the Jordan visa. Many love to flaunt their Jordan visa to explore the unmatched tourist destination, enlightening rich history, remnants from the past.


The advent of technology has entirely transformed the landscape of Jordan visa. Explore the Jordan government’s official websites. Official website of Jordan Tourism Board encompasses information galore pertaining to Jordan visit visa.

Now, a visa seeker has the comfort to apply Jordan visa online from the comfort of his/ her office or home. That’s the charisma of technology!


As far as the Jordan visit visa is concerned, you can avail the on arrival visa facility. The visa seeker can apply for Jordan visa online, leveraging the official websites. The Jordan tourist visa typically takes approx a week to be endorsed.


On arrival, visa status is conveyed immediately. In case, there’s any delay; the concerned authorities will keep you informed. The Jordan visa can be extended, depending on your requirement. Reach the nearest police station and visa is extended immediately after the completion of formalities.


Here is the list of documents required to avail the Jordan visa:

  • A fully completed visa application with all the necessary information.
  • A cover letter, clearly providing information about the applicant's name and tour plan.
  • A copy of the passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • Documents giving flight details.
  • Documents in support of accommodation, like hotel bookings.
  • Documents in support of financial status, including bank statements and salary slips.
  • Documents in support of education and professional qualification.
  • For business visa, documents in support of company registration, PAN and GST.
  • Remember the documents depends on the type of visa, you are seeking.
  • Documents in support of travel insurance.

Note: Documents depend on the type of visa, you are seeking.


The type of visa, one should avail or apply depends mainly on the objective behind the visa. While making your application for the Jordan Visa, be clear about the purpose. It will facilitate the entire visa process, including documentation and endorsement. Here are some of the types of visas being issued currently by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom of Jordan:


The Jordan visit visa is a legal permit, allowing the holder to enter Jordan as a tourist and explore the beautiful kingdom with the inspiring past. Since the objective behind this kind of specific visa is to attract tourists and enhance tourism in the country, it is also known as the Jordan tourist visa.

The prominent Arab country in Western Asia has plenty of things to offer as a tourist destination. Only an explorer knows, what does it mean to be an explorer! The geographical location exposes the nation to three diverse regions – Asia, Africa and Europe. Multiethnic culture and heritage are a testimony to the fact. While visiting the beautiful streets and roads of the capital city – Amman, you can feel the vivid hues and colours.

The Petra World Heritage site, Jerash Ruins, Al-Beidha, Wadi Rum and Mount Nebo to name a few will leave you astonished with their captivating beauty and history! Do not wait! Apply for Jordan tourist visa for Indians now! Jordan visa for Indians will enable you to explore Jordan.

Here are some of the basics, you should not forget while making a Jordan tourist visa application as an Indian:

  • Valid Indian passport with minimum validity of six months.
  • Filled-in Jordan tourist visa application form with all the necessary information.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Blank visa pages in the passport.
  • Documents demonstrating financial status, like bank statements and salary slips.
  • Documents are demonstrating proof of accommodation/ hotel booking.
  • Documents showing proof of flight booking for Jordan.
  • Applicable Jordan tourist visa fee.


The Kingdom of Jordan is at the crossroad of Asia, Europe and Africa, as a result, acts as a prominent transit base in the Gulf region to conduct trade and export. Opportunities galore are up for grab as a businessman. In case, business is what flows in your veins and nervous system, start exploring business opportunities in the Arabic nation.

Jordan business visa is tailor-made for corporates and entrepreneurs on the verge of beginning their business. Here are some of the essentials required to obtain a Jordan business visa by Indians:

  • Valid Indian passport.
  • Completed Jordan business visa application with all the required and valid information.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Blank visa pages in the passport.
  • Documents demonstrating financial status, like bank statements and salary slips.
  • Business reference letters – a letter from your company an invitation from a company based in Jordan.
  • Documents demonstrating proof of accommodation booking.
  • Documents showing proof of flight booking for Jordan.
  • Applicable Jordan business visa fee.

We recommend, in case, you are heading to the Arabic nation with business in mind, do not forget to leverage your business network. Prepare a list of people, including your colleagues who can be trusted and explored to institute your business.

This is an era of startups; innovative ideas with potential for extraordinary business can also be looked into. Who knows, your plan could be the next game changer!


Indians have the knack to hunt for jobs across the globe. Perhaps, it’s the strong desire to make it big in life and bring about a change in their socio-economic status that triggers a fire in them to explore different markets of the world, including Jordan.

The ever surging economy of Jordan is offering many opportunities for skilled and non-skilled professionals from India. Basis the skill set, professional qualification, you possess, you can hunt for a job in Jordan. The Jordan work visa is the sole responsibility of the employer with whom, you will have your future professional stint.

As a job seeker, it’s not your prerogative to apply for a work visa. The company which has selected you as an employee has to take the initiative for the work visa. An employer has to submit the following details to obtain the Jordan Work Visa:

  • Passport details of the employee.
  • Passport with the minimum validity of six months.
  • Fully completed work visa application form.
  • Appointment letter (Job offer).
  • Salary and remuneration details.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Academic education details.
  • Professional experience.
  • Details of professional qualification, if any.
  • Any doc/ qualification that can facilitate in Jordan work visa.

Job hunters in search of career opportunities in Jordan are advised to check the veracity of the job offer. Normally the job market in Jordan is clean; however, no harm in cross-checking the offer. It will only save you from a potential scam. The suggestion is – observe due prudence.


Here are a few things that you should know before visiting the nation of Jordan. Jordanian Dinar (JD) is the official currency while Arabic is the official language, but English is still widely used.

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The Kingdom of Jordan is one of the leading destinations for students looking for higher education. To support the student community, the Ministry of Interior offers annual residence permits, these in layman’s language are called as the student visa. Search for the academic institutes, providing the course; you are longing for. Adhere to the admission guidelines. When the admission selection process is completed, the college, wherein you want to pursue a course, will render some pertinent documents. These documents will play a significant role in procuring the Jordan student visa.


Jordan is a country brimming with socio-economic activities. Its geographical location makes it a favourite transit place to enter the three gateways – Asia, Africa and Europe. Take advantage of the transit visa; explore a few of the astounding tourist places in the Arabic nation.


The Jordan visa cost depends on the type of Jordan visa; you are seeking. Here is the official fee structure for Jordan tourist visa:

  • Single entry visa with one-month validity: 40 JDs (Approx 56 US$).
  • Double entry visas with three-month validity: 60 JDs (Approx 85 US$).
  • Multiple entry visas with six months validity: 120 JD (Approx 170 (US$).

On arrival visa luxury is available for Indians!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked questions while applying for visa.

What’s a Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass is a legal document provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. It permits the holder to explore the breathtaking sights in the Kingdom of Jordan. The mainly designed arrangement is to facilitate tourists and boost tourism in the country.

Can it be apt to call the Jordan Pass as the Jordan Visa?

No, the Jordan Pass can never be confused with the Jordan Visa. The Jordan Pass allows the holder to stay a minimum of 3 nights, four days in Jordan. The pass holder is entitled to explore beautiful attractions

What is the validity of the single entry visa?

As far as the validity of the single entry visa is concerned, it’s valid for one month. Hassle free extension facility is available at local police stations.

Do Indians have the luxury to avail visa upon arrival in Jordan?

Yes, Jordan visa for Indians can be availed upon arrival as well.

What is the Jordan Visa fee for a single entry Jordan visa for Indians?

The fees for a single entry Jordan Visa for Indians is 40 JDs.

Should I take travel insurance for the trip?

While travelling to Jordan, make sure you have travel insurance. It is always recommendable to avail travel insurance for every trip to have a hassle-free journey and stay.

Here are some of the benefits being offered by ICICI Lombard General Insurance (Bharti AXA General Insurance*)

  • Choose from the single trip and multi-trip annual plan.
  • Insurance covers a wide range of medical expenses, normal to severe.
  • Provides cover to death due to accident or natural disaster.
  • Provides cover to permanent disability.
  • Covers partial disability that may be inflicted due to the accident.
  • Gives cover to loss of passport, traveller cheques and tickets.
  • Provides Cover against baggage loss.
  • Flight delays are covered.
  • Flight cancellations are duly covered.

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