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12 Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges

For most of us, whenever we think of vitamin C, we immediately picture an orange. That is how synonymous the two are. Sure, orange is loaded with vitamin C, which is an important vitamin to maintain overall good health.

Vitamin C is needed to keep practically our entire body in good condition – right from our teeth, skin, bones, and tissues. Vitamin C is what helps our wounds heal when we get cut and bruised. It is also important for building our body’s natural immunity.

But the point is that experts recommend we consume 90 mg of vitamin C per day and a medium-sized orange has about 69.7 mg of vitamin C. So what are the foods that can provide us with higher vitamin C content than an orange?

In this article, we give you a list of 12 fruits and vegetables that have beaten the orange in terms of their Vitamin C content. To know more simply read on.


Mango is often hailed as the king of fruits and eagerly awaited as the summers begin. Turns out that mango also ranks quite high on the charts when it comes to vitamin C – with a whopping 122 mg per fruit. In fact, raw or green mango is richer in vitamin C than the ripe yellow and red mango.


The humble guava is also high on the list of foods that are rich in vitamin C content. There is as much as 126 mg of vitamin C in just one guava and more than 200 mg per 100 gms. It is one of the most common and inexpensive fruits that you often find being sold in baskets by the roadside in the summer months. Look for the ones that are pink on the inside if you can.


Papaya is a fruit that usually finds a place on the breakfast table due to its roughage or fibre content thereby aiding in digestive health. But it is also surprisingly high in vitamin C. Even a small size ripe papaya has as much as 95 mg of vitamin C.


Who does not wait for juicy red strawberries to hit the market each year? These pretty-looking fruits are not great to eat they also are high in vitamin C content, with about a cup of strawberries giving you 85 mg of vitamin C.


Another fruit that packs in more vitamin C than an orange is pineapple. Having pineapple in any form can help boost your daily required amount of vitamin C. One cup of chopped pineapple pieces contains about 79 mg of vitamin C.


Kiwifruit can also be an option or an addition to oranges if you are looking for vitamin C-rich foods. A single kiwifruit is said to contain as much as 84 mg of vitamin C.


A delicious summer fruit, peach is yet another vitamin C rich food. One medium sized peach has a whopping 138 mg of vitamin C.

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7.Bell Peppers

Green, red and yellow bell peppers, also known as capsicum, are loaded with health benefits and are richer in vitamin C as compared to oranges. The yellow and red ones have more vitamin C than the green bell peppers.


A delicious summer fruit, peach is yet another vitamin C-rich food. The dark green crinkly-looking kale leaves are also a rich source of vitamin C along with other vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin K.


Among the vegetables, you may be surprised to learn that the common cauliflower is more loaded with vitamin C than an orange. Along with fibre and protein, one small to medium cauliflower will give you as much as 127 mg of vitamin C. That is way more than an orange.

10.Brussel Sprouts

Resembling mini cabbages, brussel sprouts should also be counted among the foods that have more vitamin C than oranges. Brussel sprouts contain almost 75 mg of vitamin C.

11.Kale leaves

You may have had kale juice or eaten fresh green kale leaves in a healthy salad. The dark green crinkly looking kale leaves are also a rich source of vitamin C along with other vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin K.


Commonly used in pasta and salads, broccoli also packs quite a punch as a food source rich in vitamins and vitamin C in particular. One cup full of broccoli florets has around 81 mg of vitamin C.

Including these vitamin C-rich foods in your diet is important to stay in good health by getting the right nutrition. Along with investing in healthy eating, make sure you also invest in a suitable health insurance plan.

Health insurance is a vital tool to protect your finances in the event of a medical emergency. Check out plans from health insurance providers online and buy a health insurance policy that will give you maximum benefits such as cashless hospitalisation cover at network hospitals, 24x7 customer assistance and lifetime renewal. Buying health insurance is as important and crucial as taking care of your diet and health.

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